Sunday, April 7, 2013

Princess Potty

There is no time, like potty time! Since we didn't have big plans for spring break I decided to make it potty break. Not very fun at all, but it was time for Gemma to become a big girl and let us stop buying diapers for the first time in 4 1/2 years. We spent most of the week at home. B-O-R-I-N-G!

We started getting a little prize when we went pee pee on the potty! First up was a bubble set. How fun is this?
A few prizes later we learned that now we would not be getting a prize again until it was poo poo. Lily also learned that it was really, really not fun to be the older sister on spring break lock down and not get prizes.
 Lucky for us all, a special easter package came from Charlie! We enjoyed our chocolate eggs and doing our craft. Phew! Relief from boredom and feeling left out.
 She likes her egg too, she just likes to make really silly faces all the time.
 Yes, I declare her princess of the potty.
My first decree as princess of the potty is no more diapers. 
Five days, countless goldfish crackers, jelly beans, sippy drinks, and several loads of laundry later and we are all still alive....just barely. We have success which is really most important so Gemma can start preschool next Fall. Amen to that!

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