Saturday, May 25, 2013

Beach bums

Some of my best memories are of going to the beach and I really hope to make those kind of memories for my kids too. I remember going to Zuma beach in the summers with Kristen so it was only fitting that we take the kids there for the day. It was gorgeous weather. The lifeguard mentioned the water temps were about 10 degrees warmer than usual for this time of year. No complaints here.

Gemma was the water baby this day. She wanted to spend the whole time splashing and chasing the waves. No fear.

Elias and Gemma had a good game of catch going. He would throw it and she would fetch it and throw back. I think he was not fond of the hot sand under his feet.
That, and he had sand all over his hands and is a finger sucker. Poor guy. It didn't stop him though. The fingers went right in and Kristen and I could not stand the sound of the crunch of sand in his teeth. Oh well, he lived.

 These two beach babes spent the whole day collecting shells, building sand castles and digging for crabs. They had to scream and squeal at the crabs of course too.
 There was a lot of this too. Snacks and sandwiches taste so much better at the beach!

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