Monday, May 27, 2013

Pofahls do Disney

Well, you can't let friends come to town and not take them to the happiest place on earth!! They had already been to Disney World so they were no strangers to the experience.
We did manage to freak Charlotte and Elias out from the start on Snow White and didn't make it through Mr Toads.
The carousel is more their speed. Gemma tries it hands free!
Who doesn't love the tea cups.
The tiny tots gave Kristen a wild time.
We made some time for a glance in the mad hatter shop. Always fun.
We were able to experience the new Princess Faire. We caught the Tangled show.
It was entertaining for both kids and adults. Really funny!
The new Fantasy Faire is where the Princess meet and greet is. We were able to meet Sleeping Beauty.
She was so kind and elegant.
Elias had himself a little crush and needed a snuggle.
Then the surprise Princess was Ariel! We have not had a chance to meet her before and Lily was thrilled.
More autographs for Lily's book.
Gemma has taken to posing with the Princesses with her hands folded under her chin. So funny.
Lastly we met Cinderella.
This is one happy group! It was well worth the short wait and they all got to spend some time chatting with the princesses.
We couldn't move on without a pose with sleeping beauty's castle.
We made our way to Nemo's submarine. It is always a hit. Charlotte was hiding behind Lily's back and Gemma was shouting, "the shark is coming". I am sure the rest of the submarine was thrilled to be aboard with us!
After a stop for lunch we were getting warm so we decided a loop around the park on the train was in order. By the time we made it back to our stop the line to small world was almost empty! Perfect planning.
After a rejuvenating ice cream we were ready to wait in line to meet the fairies. We were happy to see it was Iridessa. We haven't met her before either.

She and Gemma had some deep conversations. All the fairies were very curious about Gemma and Elias' blankies. They wanted to know what they were called and why. Don't even get us started on that one.
Lucky for us all, around the corner was Tinkerbell herself.
She was allowed to play with Elias' woobies. Like I said, don't get us started on Wooby and Ka-Ka Yum!
Hugs all around for our fave fairy.
Striking their best fairy pose. What a cute bunch.
We managed to run into Pluto down on main street. Gemma continues her sweet poses. Elias was happy to ham it up for the Princesses and Fairies but get him near a giant animal character, no way. Smart guy.
We made it to Frontierland for some more rides and the Tarzan tree house. I think we were all getting pretty weary by now. It was late afternoon and no one had even closed an eye in the strollers all day.
We made our way back to main street to catch a few more of the classics. Goofy is always entertaining.
Elias remained safely in his mom's arms.
We did not let Mickey slip through our fingers this time. He is the big man and got extra but hugs.
Even Elias seemed to be warming up to him.
Last but not least was Minnie Mouse. She got an honored touch from Elias. A little tickle on the nose.
One last group hug before heading out!
We decided to stop for dinner close to the park before heading home. The kids were still pretty chipper and we hoped on full bellies they would sleep all the way home. 
Ha! Joke was on us. Our day of endless fun backfired and they all goofed around on the way home! Only Gemma fell asleep for the last half of the drive. Oh well, you just have to laugh about it and that is what Kristen and I did in the front the whole way home! 

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