Sunday, June 9, 2013

May~ Memorial & Memories

May was a very busy fun month. We went on vacation, celebrated Mother's day and don't forget Goppy's birthday. We all went to Cheesecake Factory for dinner. She had some helpers to blow out her candle. 
 Some very important visitors also came to town.  Granny and Grampy England!! Or as Gem's calls them "Eng-wand."It had been a long 6 months since we last saw them. We had so much fun and threw a Memorial Day BBQ.
 The girls were hot and sweaty from jumping on the trampoline but we made them pose for some photos anyway.
 Winsty was not to be left out as grand-dog of the year.
Speaking of trampoline. We couldn't let Grampy leave without trying out the Christmas present he and Granny picked for the girls. 
 It was even hot enough to turn on the sprinklers. What a good sport.
 Don't ask why Gemma found it necessary to wear a swim cap?
 After the departure of our visitors we only had one thing left before it was officially summer break. The end of the year carnival at preschool. They featured the Alana Banana band.
 She was really good, and there were snow cones of course. I don't think my girls remember snow cones from Kauai.
 The artist even let some groupies up on stage with her to sing along. She was mobbed.Quite the hit.
There was also face painting by the eighth grade girls. These were the chapel buddies that accompanied the four year olds to chapel every Wednesday.
 Lily has been begging to have her face painted at every carnival or faire we attend.
 They both chose butterflies. I think that was the only option really, considering the limited talent of the newly established artists.
 Time to pose for photos with our butterfly girls. They loved it and didn't want to wash it off.
 Since Lily is in the four's class and leaving to go to Kindergarten next year they got up on the stage to perform a few songs. It was very sweet. Here is the "little light of mine, letting it shine." So glad Gemma is going to preschool here next fall. We are not ready to be finished with the wonderful preschool years, especially at this school.
On a side note, you may have noticed a change to our back yard. We had some work done to fix up the back yard and make it more useable and shady. The side of the house was mostly dirt and shade so nothing would grow here.
 The back of the house had a narrow patio that wasn't big enough to sit out and there was no shade!
 This is the former spot of the "vintage" jacuzzi that was non functioning. Pretty much just an ugly dirty hole in the ground.
We also had to remove all the jacuzzi equipment.
The end result is a beautiful back patio with a pergola for shade. The side of the house is all nice concrete now so the girls can have scooter races and obstacle courses. There is a video at the end of the post of Lily doing an obstacle course. 
The old jacuzzi spot is now another giant seating area. We hope to get furniture for it, but for now it is the Fiesta/Hookah lounge. Minus the hookah... so far. 
We have also had some friendly neighbors move in our jasmine bush. It began with three lovely spotted eggs. 
 Now we have these three furry balls. They are getting bigger and noisier each day so I am sure we will be ready for them to vacate the premises soon.
Why not throw in a garden update while we are at it? We have been enjoying cucumber, zucchini, and chard. A few of the green beans have tasted good and they way it is growing I expect to be inundated soon. It has been enough to keep up but not overwhelming so far. The basil is out of control and I have been freezing pesto like mad. 
We have enjoyed some tomatoes from our home depot starts and our heirloom plants from seed have fruit that is just about to ripen. We had a bad incident with a blue jay who pecked holes in all our tomatoes so we have had to drape with netting. We also put out the scarecrow for good measure!

Scooter girl (yes, I know she should have her helmet on. As well as knee, elbow and wrist guards).
We are gearing up for a busy June filled with out of state visitors!!! We can't wait for the fun and excuse to go play tourist!

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