Thursday, June 20, 2013

Miss Kimi & Miranda girl

 Once Kimi and M girl arrived at our house and had a little recovery sleep-in, the girls were raring to go see more sights! We love "playing tourist" when company comes. Since M girl was interested in seeing some "stars" we thought we would take her to Hollywood! Even if we didn't see any  movie stars we were certain to see some other stars.

We started off with lunch at The Hard Rock Cafe. It was perfect, fun and loud!
After lunch we made our way down Hollywood Blvd to collect our well earned awards. Look at the winners of "sisters of the year!" Ha! 
Now for some stars!! We found this star and Lily was thrilled to see her name! Lily Pons was a French born American Soprano opera singer. Not a bad act to follow. Not sure our Lily is going to be an opera singer but you never know!
This little number is Snow White. One of our faves.
After all this star spotting we worked up an appetite, for ice cream that is. We discovered they have a Disney soda fountain shop next to the El Capitan theater.
One row of happy customers. My girls had never had ice cream at a soda fountain before. It was quite the thrill.
This little star was so wiped out she fell asleep on the way home clutching her Minnie Princess doll, a souvenir that Miranda brought her from Disneyland and a huge hit.
 On Saturday morning we took it easy at home and enjoyed the backyard. It was warm and sunny so the girls could not waste a chance to cool off on the trampoline.  We checked the beach cam and saw the marine layer was starting to burn off so we decided to head to Malibu for the day!
 First stop was the Malibu Fish Co. We have driven past this place a hundred times and it always has lines out the door. It did not disappoint. Awesome fish and chips and Mahi plate lunch.
 Next up....Zuma! We could not let them come to LA and not go to the beach. It was a great afternoon for the bathing beauties.
We always see dolphins at the beach but this time we saw a seal too! He kept popping his head up and staring at the beach. This troop of girls were going wild screeching and chasing him. I think he was as confused by it all as the rest of the beach go-ers were. 
Although Alex was on call this weekend and spent over an hour in the car dealing with some emergency, he still had time to dig and explore. They discovered some sort of sea creature in the water. They were gross like little bugs. Ick.
 Kimi played DJ to the girls with her MP3 player. They loved rocking out to Katy Perry. California girls ARE undeniable.
Sunday we had a relaxing morning. It was Father's day so the girls surprised Alex with donuts, a balloon and this sign!
Kimi and I took the girls to our favorite Moorpark zoo and gave dad some peace and quiet for father's day. Miranda wants to be a veterinarian so she was really excited to see how these students train to work with animals. Lily needed to wear her princess crown to the zoo.
 How big is your wingspan?
 How tall are these animals?
After the zoo and a nap for Gemma we went to Goppy's to cool off in the pool and have a BBQ. It was a great day for it too!

Kimi and Miranda spent the next two days at Six Flags Magic Mountain and Universal Studios. They are some theme park experts! We met them out for Mexican the last night of their visit. You can't come to LA without a trip to Los Toros! We are going to miss these girls and hope they come again soon!

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