Friday, June 28, 2013

Sister wives reunion

Last summer my two good friends Ann & Clare came to visit and brought Lily and Gemma's little BFF's too! We all had so much fun we had to do it again! We called it sister wives because Alex was the only guy with all the women and kids. This year David came along so Alex wouldn't have to be the only dude!

Of course as soon everyone arrived the girls hit the trampoline. 
It was warm and sunny so we cooled off in the sprinklers. We even broke the 3 at a time rule in the trampoline since they are all pretty small.
We had dinner outside and the kids table was pretty happy. Lily couldn't wait to dangle a pickle in her mouth.
On Saturday morning we packed up and drove to Carpinteria for the weekend. We made it down to the playground where it was deserted. I guess everyone and their mother was at the beach!
We were quickly hot and bothered so we headed to the beach too.
It was a gorgeous day and we couldn't have asked for much better.
We all played in the waves and dug in the sand. It is really the best beach for little ones. They can go pretty far out and still stand.
Lily and Pops kept making sand castles, but Gemma is a home wrecker so they never last.
Gemma and Natalie have really similar personalities. In other words, we were all really busy keeping them happy, and alive.
These two are really similar in personalities too. In other words they play really well together or alone and require very little from anyone. Ahhhh.
That evening we all went to our fave place, the Padaro Grill. It is great food and super kid friendly. That is why this time it was PACKED with softball teams. Oh well, Auntie Clare kept all our girls occupied with games and songs. We can't wait for her little baby girl to join us this Fall!
We even managed to check off star spotting from our list of LA things. At the table next to us was Julie Bowen from the TV show Modern Family. She had her little boys with her and kept trying to get them to play with our "cute little girls." Not a bad match I would say.
Sunday morning it was overcast so we headed out to the bluffs for a short hike and seal spotting. Our girls were all ready for some adventure.
We consulted the map before heading out. Wouldn't want to get lost!
We found the seals and enjoyed watching them relax on the beach. By the time we left they had all wiggled into the water for a morning meal I guess. Good thing we got a chance to see them. 
On our walk back we were lucky enough to get to see the train pass. We were super careful crossing the tracks and then gave them all a wave hello.
We headed home to chase the sun but it was in hiding. It was still plenty warm out and didn't keep us from enjoying the playground and making a stop at in n out. These girls all just love each other and have so much fun together. We just miss them so much but at least we get to skype all the time.
We can't wait for next years sister wives trip and hope Clare and Ryan will bring their new baby girl too!

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