Thursday, June 20, 2013

Southern Belle's

If you know anything about us by now, you know we never pass up a chance to meet up with friends at Disneyland!! My good friend Kimi and her daughter Miranda planned a trip to LA from Georgia. 

Kimi and I go waaaayyyy back. We met in Hawaii and she went to Africa with me which is when I met Alex. She likes to take credit for me meeting him. I guess she is right. Half way through the trip she decided to spend her time getting to know one of the other guys on the trip and Alex and I  took the opportunity to get to know each other! The rest is history. 

We caught a lot of shows and rides we had never experienced before. Who knew after all this time there was still new things to see and do? We saw the Aladin show, and even Gemma sat still for it. Well, mostly. Aladin is Lily's new favorite after seeing the movie for the first time at the beach house.
They also have a new show at Disneyland called Mickey's magical map. It was really good too.
We never miss a chance to ride the tea cups!
We also happened to see the Fairy godmother. She was really sweet. And obviously very funny to Gemma?
The kodak moment.
We also managed to find Jasmine. We thought she wasn't going to show and we were one minute from walking away when she arrived. She is the new fave so glad we got to see her.
The Belle show at Fantasy Faire was good too. We did get mad that she could not sign autographs after. Something about having to get ready for the parade. Puh-leeze!
We spend two days at the park and slept overnight with Kimi and Miranda. We were WIPED out after that. Our passes are blacked out all summer so we are on hiatus until the Fall and then they expire!! What will we have to blog about then?

Those girls powered on and did 4 days in Disney! Wow! They had already done several days in San Diego at Sea world and the zoo! We had more fun in store because they were coming up to our house next to stay with us!

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