Wednesday, July 3, 2013

High Five

You know, each year just keeps getting better and better. Let's hope that lasts through the teen years! This year for Lily's birthday she wanted an Ariel, little mermaid theme. Let me clarify that the "theme" extends to the invitations and the cake. We did craft some jellyfish for decorations you can see hanging from the lights.  

This is what the table looked like the night before her birthday. We gave her a bed for her American girl doll. You can buy the unfinished wood bed from Ikea for $20. We let Lily pick out her favorite color paint at the store (she didn't even ask what the paint was for) and then I sewed bedding, pillows and even a matching pet bed. It was pretty easy and a huge hit! Gemma is already putting in her order for September. 

 Someone was very happy the next morning. Although, she did forget it was her birthday, walk right past the gifts and sit down on the couch with Gemma and I. Gemma said to Lily, "did you see your presents?" and only then did Lily remember it was her big day!
 She went right into opening gifts. It was so nice to have her bday on a Saturday so we could all be home and spend a lazy morning together. She got so many wonderful presents. We have listened to the princess CD from Charlotte dozens of times already!
 This was actually a card, from Auntie Boo, that had real water and sea creatures in it!
 She (and apparently Alex) were thrilled to open a tent for her American girl doll, Mary.
 Gemma was highly interested in all the gifts too. This was a VERY hard year to be the sister of the birthday girl. She really gets what birthdays and presents are and had a tough time seeing all the awesome toys and none were for her. Luckily Lily is very good at sharing and it is only a couple months until Gemma's turn.
 It is not a birthday without M&M pancakes for breakfast. We even did candles and sang since we were saving her party and cake for the next day.
 They spend all morning playing with toys and building her lego camper van with dad. The rest of Saturday was spent with our big extended family at Grandma Great's church. Uncle John and Aunt Sonja held a big gathering to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. It was so fun to see so many cousins and Aunts & Uncles we don't get to visit with often. We even survived the 90+ heat!
 On Sunday morning we loaded up early and picked up Goppy to head to the Grove shopping center and the American girl store. Lily has been saving her money for months to get her doll Mary's ears pierced. Mary was a little nervous but survived the procedure. Lily also got to spend some birthday money and pick out some accessories for her doll. She now has several outfits to choose from and tons of tiny little things for Mary to lose. Ha!
 We had lunch at the Gordon Ramsey restaurant Fat Cow. It was pretty good and they served up a warm chocolate chip cookie and vanilla whipped cream to the birthday girl.
 After lunch we were hot and bothered with the heat wave and headed back to Goppy's for a quick dip in the pool.
 The evening we had a little party for Lily. We ordered pizza and made salad and of course there was the ever important birthday cake. Lily wanted chocolate cake with vanilla icing. The "sand" is crumbled graham crackers. The figurines are from the disney store and I made chocolate shells to go around the sides.
 Auntie Rach and Benji came for the party. Poor Ben didn't get any pizza! Uncle E had a hockey game so he missed out.
 Our other guests were G'pa Lee, Goppy, Aunt Carol, and Grandma Great.
 Ben is such a little love bug.
 Lily got a scooter for Mary from Auntie Rach and Uncle E and Ben. Mary always remembers to wear her helmet too!
 Even the heat couldn't keep the ladies off the trampoline.
 Aw, swoon!
 Then it was time for cake. Lily had not seen the cake yet so she was really pleasantly surprised.
 It took a couple of tries to get the candles out. I think this was one happy little mermaid.
Poor Gemma was so worn out from the weekend and no naps and heat. She didn't even want cake or ice cream. She asked to go to bed instead and then threw up. A cool bath and good night sleep helped out and we were all ready for a day at home playing with all the wonderful new toys. Thank you everyone for a wonderful and memorable high five!

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