Thursday, July 11, 2013

Independence Stay-cation

Happy Fourth of July from two tough sisters! Don't mess with the U.S.! We decided to play tourist in our own town over the long weekend instead of going away. We started the holiday off with a swim party at Goppy's pool. We managed to catch the fireworks from our backyard on the 3rd so we called it an early night on the 4th. Luckily we skipped the big show in Simi that ended in disaster. 
On the fifth we aimed to get some culture. Well, kiddie culture anyway. A local museum (at Forest Lawn Cemetery of all places) was hosting an artist exhibit that uses only legos! It was really cool.
Gives us something to aspire to when all we build is cafe's and pony stables.
We weren't supposed to take pictures but of course everyone was. I did a few on the sly so they are not the best.
After museum #1 we picked up sandwiches and headed to the park for a picnic. We then went to the kidspace museum for a couple of hours. We have a membership and the girls love coming every time.
It was pretty warm so we spent a good amount of time in water play.
Thank goodness we brought our swim suits!
Riding the tricycle with sister is always a big hit.
We managed to wear everyone out but still had the energy to head out on Saturday the 6th. We decided to head to a part of LA we haven't been to. We went downtown to Olvera street!
We explored the first ever house in LosAngeles.
It was pretty impressive and the girls really liked it. Lily even said it was the highlight of her day.
They have a miniature of the street so you can see where you are. The girls wanted to open the case and play!
Union station is right across the street and although we did not take the train we did go check it out. Maybe some other time. It is really expensive just to take the train to downtown. Even with gas and parking it was still way cheaper.
There is a lot to see on Olvera street and the girls were in shopping heaven.
These marionettes we high on the list. It was a mini guitar that really won them over but we managed to escape without one. Phew!
We really needed some nourishment after all that walking. The churro we all shared was not cutting it. We were tempted by the yummy mexican restaurants but we decided to try out Bottega Louie in Downtown. If this pastry case doesn't sell you I am not sure you are human.
Oh and check out the rainbow of macarons! We had a really nice lunch and then took a pastry home for dessert. Lily chose the lovely round chocolate cake in the case. It was pretty small but very decadent. Oh and it was called the princess cake. Sold!
We did some more walking after lunch to the Angel Flight train. It is a really old train that takes you to the top of a super steep hill. It is 50 cents a person. Better than walking if you ask me.
Gemma and her usual goofy faces.
We took in the view from the top and Lily decided she was scared!
After another long day we were pooped. We had just enough energy left for a trip to the beach on Sunday! Who doesn't have energy for the beach? Well, with kids it is pretty draining actually. Alex found this tiny bucket in the sand. Our girls LOVE anything tiny.
As you can see tiny hands swooped in for the steal!
We did a ton of swimming, some sun bathing, and of course digging.
Gemma invented a new way to get clean. Too bad you have to get out of the bucket into the sand.
We managed to make a pretty good castle village before Dr. Destructo came along.
All in all it was a wonderful weekend. We haven't slowed down though! Lily has been in VBS all week and loving it.
We "blinged" out her t-shirt today and that led to hours of bead play and jewelry making.
Gemma has sort of been enjoying her time alone with Mom. It is a taste of what is to come this Fall when Lily starts big girl school! Besides running a lot of errands, getting the oil changed etc., we went to the playground and played toys. Gemma is such a different girl than Lily. All this set up and she played for about 10 minutes.  I think she has played with every toy we own for 10 minutes in the last week.
We did make some important progress though. We perfected the Shaka!

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