Sunday, August 11, 2013

Cousin Play Date

In preparation for our play day with Ben we decided to wash all the windows. Not exactly. Who washes their windows when a 9 month old crawling machine is coming over. I guess I do. It needed to be done, so I decided to be "fun mom" and let the girls color on the windows first. They are special crayons made for windows. 
They went a little crazy! Luckily it washes off really easily.
My favorite view, sitting inside while they get to work!
It was more graffiti than art I tell you. Now I just need to get them to do all the washing of the windows too.
The next day was Benji day! His daycare lady had surgery so we got to play all day.
Our lazy girl was still in her PJ's.
We got out all our "boy" toys and went to town.
I think Ben was pretty impressed.
Lily was also on baby gate duty. Since Ben is all over the place and we don't have gates she had to block him from crawling away to lick our shoes.
Neither one was very impressed with the situation.
This is actually a hug, even though it looks suspiciously like a choke hold.
That's a little safer. What a cute boy!

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