Saturday, August 31, 2013

Kindergarter Lily

Lily has been ready to start Kindergarten at "big girl school" since preschool finished in June. She was pretty convinced she was going to be taught to read and write on day one.

We had fun picking out her first day outfit and of course her backpack and lunch box.
She went for matching Tinker bell backpack and lunch box. I think getting to have lunch at school is maybe the highlight about big girl school for her. 
Gemma doesn't start preschool until next week (don't worry sissy will get a post all her own.) She was not to be left out of the photos so she popped in to pose and needed to get a hand on the sign as well. I have to add that on the second morning of school Lily asked if I was going to take her picture with a second day of Kindergarten sign.
We do not live close enough to school to drive, we are about a 10 minute drive away. We got there in plenty of time and parked (along with 100 other eager parents). We walked up to school and Lily and Gemma were hand in hand. Melt my heart.
We had been to school the afternoon before to find out Lily's teacher, see her classroom and get used to the routine. Before school you get to play on the playground and Gemma was all over that too!
Then at 8:25 the bell rings and the little fresh Kindy's line up. Lily actually has two teachers this year. Mrs. Carr and Mrs. Calle are team teaching. One teaches Monday, Tuesday, the other takes Thursday, Friday and they rotate every other Wednesday.
There are 18 students in her class and they also have a full time teachers aide, Mrs. R. Wow! Three teachers.
The students all found a spot on the rug and all the moms and dads piled around the room like paparazzi. Mrs Carr read a story called the kissing hand. Dear Lord. We knew this story and it is a tear jerker folks!
It is about Chester the raccoon and how he goes off to school and his mom puts a heart on his hand so he can think of his mom and know she loves him all day long.
We were all given a heart sticker to place on our childs hand and then say good bye.  As we left the classroom the teachers also gave the parents this lovely note along with a baggie with tissues, a tea bag, some chocolate hershey hugs and a cotton ball. There was not a mom with a dry eye. Why do they do this to us? Lily was ready to go and gave us hugs goodbye and gave Gemma a big hug and kiss. 
Lily has had the best first week of school. She has so much fun and enthusiasm. She LOVES eating lunch at school and seeing what is in her lunch box every day. We love hearing all the funny snippets that she feels like sharing. The boy who "threw a tantrum" because he wanted cafeteria pizza for lunch and his mom packed him a sandwich and an apple. She has made several friends but can't seem to keep them straight or remember their names. You raise your hand with your fingers crossed if you need to use the potty. You get to pick a prize out of the treasure chest if you have good behavior but your clip has to move up to the top of the chart first? It is so funny to hear all the things she remembers. I expect she will be reading any day now too! Gemma has been a little lost all week home with Mom. She misses Lily dearly and as soon as Lily gets home the two of them run off to play together for hours. 

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