Monday, August 5, 2013


Road Trip!!! We have been so excited to go visit our friends up in Vacaville. Now that they have their new home and are settled in we needed to visit before Lily and Charlotte start Kindergarten. I piled the girls in the car last Monday and off we went. It is a 6 1/2 hour drive and they did beautifully.
We wasted no time making ourselves at home. We promptly wrecked their clean play room and by the next morning you would have thought we were at home. 
 Tuesday we took the kids to the local German bakery and then to the park. We wanted to wear them out so they would take a good nap (Gemma and Elias). Nate was so kind as to take the afternoon off work to watch the kids so Kristen and I could head to Napa for some R&R and dinner.
 It was bliss! We of course made a stop at Bouchon for pastries!
 We had a lovely assortment out on the sunny patio. The weather was amazing.
We couldn't go to Napa and not taste a little wine. Stepping stone has a tasting room in Yountville so we shared a tasting. It was really good. Kristen almost joined the wine club but thought it best to let Nate have a say. After wine, we headed to Bottega for dinner. It is a Michael Chiarello restaurant. It was worth every bite, calorie, and dollar.
The next morning we were all bright eyed and bushy tailed for the Jelly Belly factory tour. It is just in the next town of Fairfield. The best part is the tour is free and you get to taste jelly beans! Win-win!
 You aren't supposed to take photos in the actual factory but since I am pretty sure we are not going to steal any secrets I snapped a few.
They had low windows for the kids to peak down at the factory floor. Surprisingly, none of them have changed their future professional goals to factory worker. 
 Once home again, we put the littles down to nap and the big girls hit the slip and slide. They did pretty good figuring it out. They did prefer to slide on their knees, and I can't say I blame them.
 Charlotte did give it a go on her belly with the cushion.
 On Wednesday evening we went to the Davis farmers market for dinner and dancing. They have live music and we brought a picnic. The kids were not interested in eating, there were too many activities to keep them occupied.
 Lily gave the rock wall a try. She has never done one before and while she was a little scared she did pretty well.
 Charlotte has been at this a while! She got about half way this time, a new record.
 Gemma rode the carousel, a little more her speed.
 Elias is an old pro at this one, he always chooses the caterpillar.
 On Thursday we decided to head up to Sacramento for some culture. We stopped on the way for a Dutch Bros coffee. They have them in Portland and I never got a chance to give them a try. The mommas needed some caffeine to keep up with the littles. It was really good.  
We headed to Sacramento for the railroad museum but seeing as we were a few blocks from the State Capitol we had to swing by for a picture. Gov. Jerry Brown did not come out to greet us unfortunately. (Yes, I had to google who the Governor is)
 My crazy kids did not like the sun in their eyes. Lily and Charlotte are 6 months apart, can you guess who is older? Lily has some growing to do.
 Gemma humored me with a pic.
We also perused the memorial for fallen police officers. Lily was having a melt down moment over something or it was time to move on to the train museum.
 The museum is really impressive. There are tons of real trains old and new.
 You can go inside some of them and they simulate a moving train. This one was the dining car. How creepy are the manequins?
 I'm not getting on a train with these two at the engine.
 Upstairs is a room full of train tables. Heaven.
 They also have model trains on display that are running. Makes me want to get one, almost.
We had a great visit and even survived the drive home, although the girls were slightly less enthusiastic on the way back. We can't wait to go back soon!

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