Sunday, September 29, 2013

Gemma is Free (3)

For most of the last year when you asked Gemma how old she is, she would answer three. This only became worrisome if we went somewhere that had free admission under three and Gemma's confusion would get us in trouble. Now that she officially turned three, if you ask her how old she is she consistently answers, two. Go figure! 

Her birthday fell on a Tuesday this year so while we had her dinner party on Saturday we had to make her official birthday special too. She goes to preschool on Tuesday and Thursday mornings for two and a half hours. At preschool they have a birthday board you take home to decorate with pictures and anything you love to share with the class on your special day.
 Gemma was very excited about her birthday board. I would have loved to have been there to hear what she told her class and teachers about all the pictures on her board. I am guessing it wasn't a whole lot.
 On her birthday morning, as tradition dictates, we serve pancakes with M&M's. This is turning out to be quite popular and Lily asked for days and days prior to Gemma's birthday whether they would be getting the special breakfast. We even lit Gemma's "3" candle and sang to her and she blew it out again.
 They were delicious I might add and Daddy was not too sad he was already at work and missed out since he DOES NOT LIKE PANCAKES! I know! Is that even possible? Now he would interject here and state that pancakes are fine but they are not breakfast, they are dessert. Does that really matter on your birthday?
 When I picked Gemma up at preschool she was proudly wearing her birthday crown they gave her. I promise she was happy, the frown was saved for the camera.
 She even told her teacher that it was the best day ever!
The girls spent most of the afternoon playing with Gemma's new toys until daddy got home from work. We had saved a few presents for her real birthday and it makes it even more fun to spread it out.
 This time Gemma was more interested in opening the presents herself. I think having a good nap helped. Lily was not so thrilled in having to take a back seat this time!
 Barbie and Princess abound for this girl. She is also a big Clifford fan and loves all the new books she got. We are so happy to have new bedtime books to read, although I think I already have these ones memorized.
We had swim lessons in the evening and then we all went out to dinner. The girls love to eat at a restaurant (did someone say french fries) even though we don't really enjoy dining out with them. It was a nice dinner for all followed by a slice of chocolate cake and more singing. What more could a three year old girl want?

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