Sunday, September 22, 2013

Gemma's Rainbow Party

 Knowing it was possibly the last year I would have a say in anyone's birthday party theme in this house, I took full advantage in "suggesting" Gemma have a rainbow party. This may have been aided by the fact that I promised to incorporate M&M's into the party.
As you can see the decorations were easy and so very festive! 
I hung these the night before the party and when early bird Gemma awoke she was very surprised. She was in fact afraid of the dining room and took some time to warm up to it. The dog was not a fan either.
The cake may have been the real reason behind my theme choice. I had this cake picked out shortly after Lily turned three and was not going to miss my chance. You take two bundt cakes, I made chocolate and snicker doodle, and cut them into a three shape.
Make your favorite frosting, the birthday girl chose chocolate of course. Big Sis was on hand to help.
 Then after frosting, you spend a good while doing this. I had already separated out a party size bag of M&M's by color.
 The finished product was pretty impressive. It was also huge!
 It was a long afternoon waiting for the party to get started. We blew up numerous rounds of balloons and then had huge tears after they all popped. We almost ended up with both girls in hysterical tears right as the party was due to begin. Finally the guests arrived and we had a great supper. We made carnitas tacos that we smoked on the grill for 10 hours! It was amazing. We had all the fixings but made sure to save room for the big cake!

Tiny girl ate her fill of tacos, watermelon, and corn salad!
 Even Benji boo liked his pork and guac.
 Finally everyone had their fill and we could move on to cake. Daddy lit the candles but somehow an over-eager birthday girl kept blowing a couple out.
 Uncle E made sure they would stay lit while we all sang Happy Birthday.
 Finally it was time for the big wish.
 This is one happy customer. She polished off her ice cream and the M&M's and declared herself done.
 Time to move right along to gift opening. We had to open each gift, remove the packaging and play with them before we could move on to another.
 Each and every gift was a hit! The birthday girl was getting weary and shy and did not want to open the gifts herself. Good thing she has a pushy older sister who pretty much shoved her out of the way to tear off the wrapping.
 Benji was less than impressed with Barbi. He doesn't go for that type of girl.
 We got a taste of what Christmas morning is going to be like with these two. They are both at the age where they really understand it all and get so excited.
 It was a fantastic party and we are all taking a slow day to recover.  We sent everyone home with leftovers and cake (which tastes even better the second day).

Here are a few collages I put together of party pics. Gemma's actual birthday is Tuesday and she has school in the morning. There will be more celebrating with her preschool friends and swim lessons in the afternoon. I am sure there will be a few more presents reserved for that day, the fun never ends.

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