Sunday, September 15, 2013

Missing Mullet

Gemma will be three in a little over a week and we felt it was high time she passed another big milestone in a young girls life. The first hair cut. In case you haven't paid much attention to Gemma's hair (or often lack there-of) she has never excelled in the hair growth department. It is very fine, thin, and wispy. She really doesn't have a ton to speak of in the front even now. She has no bangs in her face, we just put clips in for decoration (which she promptly rips out with several strands of her precious locks). The very back of her hair was getting a bit ridiculous though. This is after swim lessons recently.
 This is how her hair looks 100% of the time after waking up in the morning and 99% of the time after nap. It also looks like this about 47% of the time on any occasion but don't tell GG. It is fondly referred to as her rats nest.
 We decided it was time to at least trim the back and remove some of the "Kentucky waterfall" as some fondly refer to the mullet. I thought about taking her to a cute little kids hair salon where you get to sit on a rocket ship or something and they make a great big deal out of it. We don't have any of those near us and I didn't feel like shelling out $20 for someone to take one snip to my daughters fine hair. So I did it myself. We set up the "salon" outside.
 She wore a drape and we spritzed her down with water. As you can see this was such a thrill for her. A real momentous occasion she will treasure forever.
 The "after" look. It is a sweet little bob with no sign of a mullet.
 A happy customer and it only took about 90 seconds total.
This is all the hair that the little mullet came to. Such big style from such little hair.
Her prize came in the form of a ride with big bird at the mall. 
Much to our pleasure her little sweet curls weren't totally chopped off either. If anything they look a little fuller now. Guess we should have given her a chop sooner. We were just worried if we removed much of her precious hair she would look like a boy.

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