Monday, October 7, 2013

Avocado Fest

Right after Benji's birthday party we packed up and headed north to the beach house. It was Avocado Festival weekend and with all the heat we couldn't wait to soak up some beach. You see, for all the griping about the lack of Fall weather we decided embrace the best of it and head to the ocean! The wind didn't follow us, it was sublime!

These two didn't waste any time wrecking Granny and Grampy's place. They love the play area and are really into making maps at the beach house. They look forward to all the toys they know are waiting for them.
We took a few minutes to relax then made our way down the street to the festival. It was in full swing and packed. Our two little avocados!
This one LOVES her some avocado. Gemma is the only one in the bunch that doesn't care for them. The rest of us devour them in any and every form.
After fueling up with some Guac we found the kids booths. Now our two little avo's are surfing!
This booth was sponsored by the Howard school in Carp. They had "avocado" playdoh and since mean mom and dad never let them play with playdoh they were hooked!
After their turn at play doh we dragged them to island brewery so we could have a little seasonal brew break. These two were less than impressed as you can see. Even with gold fish as a bribe we didn't last long and had to practically chug down our beers! I had the avocado honey beer. It was good, although I am not sure where the avocado flavor was?
If we were ever going to make it back home and through dinner there needed to be a little final bribery. It had been a very long and busy day. A couple of garden decorations and they were all smiles. Lily went for the purple butterfly and Gemma the blue flying horse. Clearly they don't listen to my suggestions and pick the most obnoxious ones available.
The next morning after at least a little rest, they woke us for some beach time. We managed to get a bit of breakfast then headed out with the dog for a walk on the beach. These pictures make us feel better about the fact that we don't exactly get the fall leaves and apple cider moments.
It was already sunny and glorious. We kept telling ourselves it may not be Hawaii but it sure is close and free!
We were supposed to be walking to the end of the beach and back to get the dog some exercise. These two had other plans. They only wanted to play in the sand and GET IN THE WATER!
Can you blame them? It was calling to them.
First we just dipped our toes in and held up our cover ups.
Who were we kidding? Those things were soaked in two seconds. I guess we are not walking, we are swimming.
It was not too crowded since everyone else was out gearing up for day two of the avo fest.
We managed to drag them away to go back to the condo for our beach gear and drop off the thoroughly wet and sandy dog.
Once back at the beach we got right in and did some boogie boarding. Or as Lily calls it, her surf board.
How did Gemma end up with sand all over every inch of her? She also had some nice red marks all over her cheek from rolling down the stairs. This is not her first experience falling down those stairs. I guess lesson not learned.
But how could you not love that sweet innocent face? Don't be fooled, it is all mischief. I blame the red hair.
We did manage to find a bunch of shells. The girls love the "butterfly" ones that are open but not split apart yet.
See? They are very fragile though. We have to take every one we find.
Back to our surfing. Both girls had a go at it. The water was perfect and it was such a warm and sunny day we were all in the water. Not an every day occasion, the water is usually pretty cold!
Sun, sand, and surf. What more could you ask for? We had to go back to pack up and head home for school and work in the morning. Boo. Isn't it still summer?

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