Monday, October 7, 2013

Ben is one-derful

See how clever I was there on that play on words? Humor me guys. Our little "big guy" cousin had his first birthday party on Saturday at the park. If you have been reading our past few posts you will know it has been windy here lately. No, really windy. Unfortunately it did not die down for the party. We all held on for dear life and had a great time.
 The girls love this play ground and had a great time playing with Ava and Aubrey.
 Dae taught the girls how to go super fast on the spinner. It was like the tea cups ride on steroids.
 Lily gave the bday boy some cuddles. This is one second before he tackled her to the ground. No guess as to who would win in a wrestling match here.
 Who me? Sweet little face. He does not crack a smile easily and was not quite sure about all the pictures I was taking.
Auntie Rach even remembered to bring stale bread to feed the ducks. I was sure someone was going to end up in the nasty duck pond.
Namely, this one. Phew we survived without having to rescue anyone from the pond. 
 Then it was time for cake! Uncle E made Benji's smash cake. It was chocolate with oreo tires! After a little coaxing he was more than happy to dig in to the oreos.
 About two seconds later the cousins started tearing oreos off as well.
 Then every kid at the party had their hands in there. It was yummy! Rachey made ice cream cone cupcakes for everyone else, with oreo tires on top. So cute!
I think he had a great time and scored some pretty sweet toys too! We can't wait to have a play date and break them all in for him. 

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