Saturday, October 5, 2013

Fun Run

Lily's school has an annual fundraiser where they get sponsors for running laps around the school yard. They held it this past Friday morning and I volunteer in the classroom on Fridays so I was on hand to cheer them on! The Kindy's get to go first thing, they begin with some stretches. Every child gets a t-shirt as well.
 Their teacher Mrs Carr gives them a big pep talk. You know, "no work, no pay and we need the money" just kidding. It also happened to be the windiest day of the year, of course! It was hard to walk, let alone run.
 And.....they're off!! It was hilarious because all three Kindy classes ran together and one of the classes didn't get the memo and ran in the wrong direction! They could not figure this out themselves and instead, crashed right into our Kindy class. After much shouting and directing, we got them all sorted out.

About half way through they were all hot and very bothered. Did I mention it was about 75 degrees out?
 They ran as many laps as they could in 20 minutes. Lily doubled her goal of 4 laps and managed to complete 8 laps. Now it was time to stretch and cool down.
 Trying not to blow away.
 They were rewarded with apple slices and pretzels.
 Now on to collections from all her sponsors. There is still time to sponsor her school if anyone is interested. They are raising funds for the computer and music teachers, and also computer equipment for the classrooms.

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