Thursday, October 3, 2013

Haunted House

The girls are both at the age where they just love everything about holidays. They love the anticipation, planning, reading about it, and of course, decorating. They have been begging me to decorate the house for halloween. We have a plastic bin of decorations we bring out every year. Not too much, but something to make it festive. This year I decided to go a little above and beyond. 

Here are the greeters as you approach our front door. They are already frightened by the spooky windmills and my giant yellow mum.
 To protect from ghosts one should cover up with pumpkin cans. My brothers made those pumpkins when they were little with old tin coffee cans and paint. They are luminaries.
BEWARE! Once you step through the front door you won't believe what awaits you. We seem to be overwhelmed by a colony of bats (or a cloud, did you know that is what you call a group of bats?).
 We also have lots of spider webs and witch parking.
 Those bats carry on right into the dining room.
 They swarm through the room and the ghosts are out too. Lily is so excited to see the halloween books out in the basket. She remembers so many of them from past years and wants to sit and read them all.
 Those bats are everywhere you look. At least they won't swoop over your table as you eat....I think.
If that isn't scary, I don't know what is!
Tomorrow is our preschool trip to the pumpkin patch. Brace yourself for more photos of our pumpkin picks. We will be in shorts and t-shirts as it is still warm here. No puffer vests and hot apple cider here. If Fall won't come to us, we are making our own! Honeycrisp apple sauce in the crock pot, and vanilla bean caramel for dipping apple slices too!

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