Sunday, October 6, 2013

Preschool Pumpkin Patch

Friday afternoon was Gemma's preschool's annual field trip to the pumpkin patch. The best thing about it is they invite everyone to bring their whole family! We were out of town last year when Lily was in the fours class so this was our first time going. Gemma was very excited and they even gave all the students a school shirt to wear on the trip. 
We started the trip off with a tractor pulled hay ride. This is the same pumpkin patch we went to last year with Goppy and Grandpa Lee but we missed out on the hay ride.
It was a very warm day! I think it was at least 75 and very windy. As you can see in the photo even daddy got to come on the field trip. He was supposed to be at work but you see, it was so windy that day that our trampoline blew over!! I was unable to get it right myself and our neighbor wasn't home. I was afraid the wind might blow it right over into someone's house so I had to call Alex home early from work to help get it straightened out! What a day! The bonus was that he was now home and could come to the pumpkin patch with us!
Everyone in the group was able to pick a little pumpkin out of the patch to take home. The girls loved picking out the perfect one.
Just the right size to carry by themselves.
Pumpkins as far as the eye can see. It pays to go early in October for the variety. They couldn't even lift these ones.
It is not a trip to the farm without the token cut out picture. Lily is the ghost, Alex the Frankenstein and Gemma the vampire.
I love all the heirloom pumpkins.
Some pretty good scare crows too.
Can you tell they are tired of posing for photos?
They had this really cool hay bale spider this year! I love it, wish we had room for this guy at our house!
They did the kids corn maze which is just perfect. We were able to see Lily whiz by and she had deserted Gemma in the maze!! We made her retrace her steps and find her sister.
The pumpin cabin. I don't think they rent this place for over night stays.
The top of the hay bale pyramid.
They also have these goats that live on the farm and weave their way above the crowds on these wood plank mazes. It creeps me out. I swear one is going to fall off on top of a kid some day.
Lily and I are trapped inside a giant pumpkin. Send help! I told Alex we need to make a paper mache one of these for our front yard. Storing it might be an issue, as well as keeping it from blowing away apparently too.
We finished the evening off on the wooden train.
As Gemma likes to say we were all, "hot and bovered (bothered)" so home we went. I am not sure we can get used to going to the pumpkin patch in shorts and t-shirts. It just doesn't seem right.

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