Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Star Student

We received a letter in the mail last week that Lily had been chosen as one of the students of the month for September. Nothing like getting picked right from the start Lily!!
Parents of the star students are invited to attend the assembly so you can watch your child receive their certificate. Lily had no clue what the assembly was about, let alone that she would be one of the students chosen. These are all the kindergarten stars from the three classes.
 She could not have been more proud or excited. Nor could we! She received a pencil, certificate, a coupon for a free round of mini golf, and certificate for free child's meal at Lazy Dog cafe.
She didn't even realize Gemma and I were at the assembly until the end when we could go up and take pictures and give her a big hug. She was chosen along with two boys from her class. 

Her award was for, "outstanding listening skills and excellent effort in all academic areas." One Kindergartener received an award for neat writing. I thought that was pretty cute. 
Here is the video of the principal Mrs Valentine giving her the award.

That afternoon she came home to find some celebratory balloons and a tiny purple bear she has had her heart set on at the party store forever. It says #1 Mom! She didn't really get what that means. I think she can give it to me for mother's day in May. Her free kids meal coupon was burning a hole in her pocket so we all went out to dinner that night to celebrate. 

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