Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy Halloween 2013

These pictures are just too cute not to share right away. That, and Gemma didn't get the "sleep in tomorrow" memo last night and was up before 6am. We started off Halloween morning at Lily's school for their costume parade. They all wore their costumes and marched around the playground. Here is our black cat with her two cheer leader friends. 
 Her teacher Mrs. Carr, a witch,  led the way. Lily somehow managed to be line leader which is a HUGE deal in Kindy. She lucked out this am.
 Lily chose to be a black cat which sort of determined the rest of our costumes. We couldn't stay for the whole parade since our other little critter needed to get to preschool for her own parade.
 The little mouse had a great time at her parade too. She was a little clueless about what was going on.
 For some reason she marched around flapping her arms like a bird.
 They paused to sing us the black bat song and then they carried on to trick or treat up at the school and church office.
 She finally realized we were there watching the parade at the final lap.
While the critters were at school Alex and I had a nice brunch out. He took the day off work since he had a personal day to use up before the end of the year. It was a fun filled day. Lily's school also had a harvest festival with carnival games. We went back to the school to watch her play for a few minutes. Gemma also got to stay at school for lunch which is a huge thrill. She has been asking to stay for lunch since school started. 
 After school we all relaxed for a while before it was time to gear up for the big trick or treating. They practiced shouting trick or treat.
 Showing off how their tails work.
 Lily's tail was very cat like and had a life of it's own. I made their tutu skirts and ears. The tails we made by glueing a feather boa to a wire coat hanger and sewed it to the waist of the tutu. It worked pretty well. I guess I have a couple of tutu request from the other Kindergarten girls.
 Finally it was time to head to Uncle E and Auntie Rach's house for supper and treats. I managed to remember to get pictures before it got dark and some people were covered in chocolate. I was the witch owner of the cat who chased a mouse. Alex was a magician. He even had a white rabbit in that hat of his.
 The host family were super hero's for sure!
 The cousins managed to pause for one minute before the madness. Bam Bam Jacob was not going to sit still for one minute. That boy has only one speed. Run.
 Grandpa Lee had two costumes, my favorite was Heisenberg from Breaking Bad, our favorite show, and his. The other was a super scary clown mask that made all the babies cry.
 Finally it was time to head out to trick or treat. Little one month old DJ even made the rounds.
 The spookiest house on the block was all done up in style. They even added new features like this pumpkin head guy. He was really creepy.
 This place was packed, it was a mad house, loony bin, haunted manor, yikes!
 Check out the costumes on these girls. They took the dress like a baby thing a little too far. Who do you think those adult diapers belonged to? Someone's grandma wants them back!
 I think we need one of these for our house.
 Our brave little critters made it to nearly every house in the loop. We really liked the giant black kitty on the lawn.
 Another house had a huge set up with this Cap'n Jack scene. Uncle E swiped a gold coin but Lily had to put it back. You don't get student of the month by swiping coins Uncle E!
 This is how we roll!
Now we need some help eating all the loot! Any volunteers? Thank goodness there is no school today and we can have a PJ day! 

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