Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Last weekend we headed over to the McCluskey house for a big Oktoberfest birthday party. Three of the family members were celebrating their 30-30-60th birthdays! What better way than a beer and brat fest?
They went all out in decorating and providing great food and entertainment. Lily immediately went for the face painting. It was gorgeous! 
Some of the "cool crowd" wore their German outfits. Check out these three in their lederhosen!
The cake was unbelievable. It was like those cakes you see on TV competitions. The stein and beer barrels were rice crispy treats covered in fondant. Lily and Gemma insisted on tasting the fondant brat.
I couldn't be left out of the face painting fun. I got a beer stein on one cheek and a pretzel on the other. Gemma was having nothing to do with it. She has become even more of a Mama's girl lately, if that is even possible without becoming permanently attached to me.
They had an Oompah band perform. They were really great. They perform at a local German restaurant. The food was catered from Brat Brothers as well and it was all so delicious.
Eric felt his costume needed a little something so he got a stache.
Alex was not to be left out for "Movember" and got a stache too.
The German men and their beer Fraulein.
Then came the beer chugging contest in a plastic boot. Everyone had one with a lanyard to wear around your neck.
I think it was 8 oz. you had to chug. Just remember which way to hold the boot or you get a big splash back in your face! oops!
They even had this sweet older man come play is alpenhorn. He let everyone have a turn playing the horn and they had a judge determine the best horn blower! Lily went first and she was awesome! Too bad the horns cost $3000. We wont be investing in lessons on the alpenhorn.
Gemma also have it a try and was so determined. She did manage to get some sound out and was so proud of herself. Lily won the children's portion of the contest and received a crisp $5 bill!
This was one fun par-tay! This one might make the Christmas card although Alex's 'stache is pretty smeared from the beer chugging contest.
We danced the day away until the twinkle lights came on and the band closed down.
It was perfect timing for two weary girls to head straight home to bed.
I'm pretty sure this should become an annual tradition!

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