Tuesday, December 10, 2013


We arrived home from Thanksgiving weekend on December 1st. Not the best timing considering we have THREE advent calendars and our elf Rosie appeared from the North Pole! Luckily we managed to pull it together quickly. One of our advent calendars has tiny pockets for each day. Inside the pockets is a holiday joke and a card with an activity on it. The first of December we got new Christmas PJ's! Adorable.
 One of our activities was to get out the girls tiny Christmas trees and decorate them in their rooms. They love these trees from Grandma Nini. Each year they gather more and more ornaments.
 Our elf Rosie is very popular this year. Lily loves to talk to her and write her letters. She wakes up so early to run around the house with a flashlight to find Rosie. Here she is reading one our our Christmas books.
 One activity was to make snow flakes. I think we (read I) did a pretty good job.
 Rosie made peppermint marshmallow snow angels.
 She also likes to do acrobatics from our decorations.
 Lily has opened a workshop in her room where she spends HOURS wrapping little gifts and making cards. Seriously I don't think we saw her more than a few minutes on Sunday she was so busy.
 We made a batch of Christmas cookies. Angels and trees with the cookie gun.
 This is some of the handy work at Lily's shop. I love her cards, she writes them herself and doesn't ask for any help. To Lily Fum Lily.
 Rosie did some rodeo on our reindeer.
 We did painting for one activity. I was brave and we did foot and hand print pictures. These are for me and then I let them make their own creations.
 Lily did some pretty good ones but Gemma is more into the abstract stage.
 This morning Rosie had gotten into the peppermint candies. Elves like to stick to the four main food groups: candy, candy canes, candy corns, and syrup.
We can't stop elf-ing around in this house. Although to be honest, she did forget to move one night. It's hard work to be Rosie. How many more days until Christmas? I am going to need the two week vacation by then!

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