Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Have a Holly Jolly Christmas Morning

Christmas morning began about 7:30 when Lily woke up to discover Santa had arrived. She quickly woke Gemma and then started tearing into her stocking. So much for waiting for the parents. Winston was eager for his stocking too. He knows his has bells on it and goes nuts for the sound of the jingle.
I think the stockings were as popular as any of the gifts. These girls love tiny things and candies.
They got books and figurines from the movie Frozen and some Pez. 
The Santa gift was opened first, I don't think they could have waited another second.
 Lily got a new Lego set, the veterinary clinic.
Alex got a water pic, nothing like oral hygiene for Christmas.
Gemma got her beloved "curly puppies."
Goppy arrived just in time for more gift opening and breakfast. Santa left her stocking at our house because he heard she was coming over here.
Grampy may not have made the nice list, he got a toilet bowl coffee mug.
About half way through Gemma was beat. She decided to relax and read her new book. She declared, "I am not opening any more gifts, I'm done."
This was Alex's best gift. It goes really well with his Santa is my Ho Ho Homeboy shirt.
Gemma adores her hair salon set from Uncle E and Auntie Rach. Maybe it will help her crazy hair situation.
Both girls got earrings in their stockings. Tattoo earrings that is.
Fashion show, and just to prove I was there on Christmas morning as well.
These are Gemma's beloved puppies. She got the two left ones on her birthday and the new curly puppies are on the right. They came with a barbie set but the doll was quickly tossed. She really only cares about the dogs. She takes them everywhere and sleeps with them every night.
The girls got these adorable dresses from Auntie Pam and Uncle Collin in England. They are perfect and since it was over 80 degrees out they could wear them to Christmas supper at Uncle Stew and Aunt Judy's house.
Fashionistas! Sadly we didn't take any pictures the rest of the day. I guess we were too busy relaxing and having fun.
Hard to believe it is another Christmas over! Lily was quick to remind us that Valentines is just around the corner. She lives from holiday to holiday. New Years doesn't mean much to a 5 year old. 

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