Monday, December 16, 2013

Making our list...

A week or so ago, we sat down after school for a holiday activity, making our Christmas wishlists. Each year the girls write their list to bring with us to see Santa. This year we picked out a Christmas card from our box of left overs from the last 15 years. I think one year I am just going to send out different cards to everyone and use up all those left overs!

This was the front of Lily's card. Her writing is getting so good!
 The inside says, "Dear Santa, Light up your Christmas with joy! Lego sets, remote control car, roller skates, stuffed bunny. Lily
 Gemma went wild with the stamps in decorating her card.
 Hers says, " Curly puppies, remote control house, candy, and new Rosie the elf.
Then last week we went to see Santa at the Westlake promenade. He is the best Santa ever and it is not crowded so you have plenty of time. The girls sat and chatted with him about their lists. He was very curious about what the curly puppies and remote control house was. No one really knows what this remote control house is but Gemma is certain that it exists and has stairs.
 We tried to get our little cousin Ben to pose for a photo with us but he already had a chance with Santa and determined No way!! That guy is scary!!!
Next year, Ben. I promise, it will get better and less scary. Here's to being nice and not naughty for 10 more days!

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