Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Rockin around on Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve morning we woke up and Rosie had pulled this stunt! It was her last trick before she heads to the North Pole with Santa until next year. 
Lily had spent a few days at the beach house with Granny and Grampy and Gemma had a sleep over at Goppy's so Rosie left them a note welcoming them home. 
Goppy and Grandpa Lee filled the tree with their gifts and we all opened them up on Christmas Eve before we went to church. 
We also set up a little photo booth in our living room for our Christmas Eve party. We never manage to take any pictures so we thought this would be a fun way to make sure we had pictures of everyone who came.
The girls all ready for the fun to begin.
After much anticipation everyone had arrived and it was time to do some damage. It was hard to see all those gifts under the tree and wait so long to tear in!
Benji could even tear open some gifs this year. He does enjoy the boxes and bows as much as the gifts.
Granny and Alex must have made the nice list.
Carol sure did! She scored some sweet gifts. This was a musical candy cane candle. Say that ten times fast!
It quickly turned into a mob scene of gifts and demolished wrapping.
Legos were a hit all around. How were we going to manage leaving all the toys behind to head to church?
The smarties got some books.
We did manage to make it to church and get seats all together. Everyone did well during the service and then back home for the festivities. Our third annual Xmas eve gathering with appetizers and plenty of Jingle Juice.
Getting Benji to stay in the frame of the camera and use the props proved nearly impossible.
All three cousins? We just about pulled it off.
Then it started to get silly.
And more silly.
This one could be a keeper! I think the naughty sign is meant for daddy, not you Ben.
Grandma Nini and Grandpa Dan were great sports.
This one might be my favorite of all night. Is Grandma Great a hoot at 93 or what?
Eric gets some good elf love.
Don't forget the Gops, G'pa Lee and Carol.
Once the party was all said and done we managed to pop in for a pic as well.
We had to twist the arm of this couple to participate. They are practicing for New Years Eve.
Then the tree magically transformed itself for Christmas morning. Before you knew it Santa had arrived.
He must have snuck in while we were cleaning up from the party. He demolished his cookies and milk.
We had quite a few stockings to fill this year! A full house.
The table was all set and ready for Christmas breakfast with our crackers.
Time for a good nights rest as Santa's bells jingle in the distance.

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