Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Too many turkeys

The three Kindy classes at Lily's school worked hard, hard, hard, for over a month to put on a Thanksgiving play. They performed the Tuesday morning before Thanksgiving in front of a PACKED auditorium. They sang several songs, recited silly poems and many of the children had to opportunity to speak a line telling the story of the first Thanksgiving. It was pretty adorable and hilarious at the same time. 
Lily was a native American and she got to say the line, "She is the chief of our tribe" along with another boy. We were seated front and center and made a video of the performance. Boy is it going to be fun to look back on it for years to come.
 She practiced her line for weeks and when it came time to deliver she just about gave an elbow to the boy next to her to get up to the microphone. She was loud and proud, just like we rehearsed!
 After the play, they returned to their classroom for a celebration feast. It was still early so it was more of a breakfast feast. This is Lily and her Kindy bestie, Makayla. She was a pilgrim, so I guess they do get along just like the story.
 There were a lot of cookies and sweets in the "breakfast" feast. I guess they earned it, even at 9:30am.
 The teachers went all out and the room looked amazing. The kids made crafts for weeks to decorate with. Each child made a special place mat and name holder. We adore Kindergarten and Lily's teachers. I think we will request she gets held back so she can do it all again.
Don't worry about little Gem's. She had school that morning too and enjoyed a feast of friendship soup with her classmates. She loves getting to stay for lunch. After school Granny and Grampy took Lily back to the beach house where we would join them on Thanksgiving morning and stay for the weekend. We all had so much fun and got some R&R (well I am not sure about G&G but the rest of us did!)
 Granny got a really cool advent calendar for the girls. It is a sweet little house that you put together and open all the flaps, doors, and windows. The assembly was a great activity too!
 We did a lot of this. Poor, miserable, 70 degree beach weather! This is on Sunday and the girls had soaked every other outfit we brought so mean old mom wouldn't let them go near the water.
 This is Winston's happy place. When he dies I think he wants his ashes sprinkled here.
 Look behind Gemma and you will see stinky dog. He lays down in the wet sand to cool himself off after all the running. This from a dog who hates water!! The best is when the waves roll and in and soak him. Needless to say he bought himself a trip to the groomers after this weekend.
We also took in some movies over the weekend. All the ladies went to see Frozen which was adorable. Alex and I even got a date night out. Even though he was on call and did a lot of working on the weekend it was still a great success. 

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