Tuesday, January 14, 2014

New Year, New School

What? New school. No, we didn't move. No, she didn't get kicked out of Kindy! We got a phone call the last day of school before Christmas break that a spot had opened up at the charter school we applied to way back in January and Lily's name came up on the wait list. This possibility never crossed our minds as we were 35 on the waiting list! Oh, and we had about 5 hours to decide or lose the spot.

While we love, love, love Lily's teachers and her school we did feel the charter school had some perks that we just couldn't over-look. They have a full time music teacher and part time art teacher. They also have dance classes. They are full every year and wait lists for every grade. If we took the spot now, Lily would continue on there and as a sibling, Gemma would get right in for Kindergarden too.

We decided we had to give it a try or always wonder what we missed. So we told Lily about the switch after Christmas and she was excited. She was sad about leaving her friends at her old school but luckily she is a pretty easy going kid. I'm not sure she understood what it all meant. She might think everyone switches schools after three months?

On her first day at the new school. They wear uniforms so we had to scramble to order her some for her first day. Luckily one shirt made it in the mail in time!

We went early to school to meet her teacher and see her classroom. She was a bit shy but still excited. Her teacher Mrs. Gavin, is very sweet and took Lily by the hand into the classroom. There are 21 kids in her class, 11 girls and 10 boys. It is very similar to her old class and she fits in very well. They also have a teachers aide for 2 hours a day and I will be able to volunteer in the classroom as well. She said she had a great day and was excited to go back. 

She also said she didn't have any friends to play with at lunch recess. Later she explained that the girls invited her to play "Frozen" but since she wanted to be Elsa and they had 2 Elsa's already she said  no. Then she told her teacher she didn't have any friends and her teacher said she had some ideas to help. I suggested maybe tomorrow she could be the third Elsa or just join some other kids. Considering she was holding hands with two girls when it was time to go home I think she is doing fine. We are still planning lots of play dates with her friend from her old school who I think was much more traumatized by the whole thing. She cried and almost refused to go to school today. 

They earn these heart stickers by showing the "heart of an eagle" which is the school mascot. Lily comes home with a heart several times a week and one day she even got a double heart!! Watch out school, the new girl has arrived!

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