Monday, February 17, 2014

Snowy Mammoth

We were the lucky recipients of the invite to Mammoth Mountain with Eric, Rach, and Ben for a weekend of skiing this year. The girls were too young to remember snow in Seattle and it has long been Lily's desire to go to the mountains and play in the snow. We were lucky to have a long weekend off school and it happened to be Valentines day as well. We drove up late Thursday night after work and school so it was too dark to really appreciate the mountain. When we woke up in the morning we had a power Valentines pancake breakfast.
Then it was off to the gondola to see Dad and Uncle E off for a day of skiing. The ladies were going to find our own fun in the snow. 
So bright and beautiful. The weather was actually very mild that day so we could enjoy the snow without being too cold or windy.
The boys were ready to hit the slopes but humored me for a photo.
Lily had big plans for snow ball fights. The snow was perfect for snow balls. Just sticky and wet enough to hold a good shape. Thanks to the snow ball maker we could crank out a pile in no time.
 We explored around the village and found some great spots. Gemma had fun but wasn't feeling very well. She tried to enjoy herself but a high fever and cough made her tired and cranky. Lily could have stayed out there ALL DAY LONG! Ben wasn't a fan of standing in the snow or touching it either so he hung out on the side lines.
 After the boys returned home from skiing and took the kids in the pool and hot tub we had a nice dinner in the condo and hit the hay for another day of fun in the snow. We drove up the road a ways until we found a quiet hill with plenty of room to sled!
 Alex took Gemma down hill and made a nice track for the sled to follow. Ben was still not a huge fan of the snow but liked watching his cousins.
 Lily had no fear and went right off on her own.

Gemma tossed her hat and caught a quick one with dad.

Then she was ready for a turn on her own! She loved it, until she got snow in her face at the bottom. Not a fan of that for sure.

Now it was time for Ben to have a go. Technically he is not touching the snow so it should be fine right?
He was not impressed. He had another try with Uncle E.
I love this shot because it really looks like Ben is smiling. He was actually grimacing and bracing to cry but it sure looks like he is having fun.

Lily made her obligatory snow man. We forgot the carrot nose for the second day but made do with some sticks, stones, and Gemma's hat and Lily's gloves.
 Then we tried to get a cousins photo which did not go over well. Gemma was so done at this point and ended up having a 103 fever to prove it.
 Forget the cousins shot, this cute family photo is much better.

 After we returned to the condo and warmed up a bit we went wandering around the village. They had all sorts of Presidents day weekend activities planned. First up was a parade with Woolly the Mammoth. It had turned pretty cold and windy by afternoon and even started to snow. Lily couldn't get enough.
 Even Gemma perked up after a nap and Motrin and was happy as a clam.
 Here comes the parade. We were easily impressed with the animal characters and some balloons.
 It is getting cold out here guys but that won't stop us!
 Our cheesy family in the mountains.
 By the next morning we had plenty of freshly fallen powdery snow! We had time for one last jaunt before we had to pack up and head home. We could sled right outside the condo doors.
 Some hard working family spent all morning carving out a little igloo. Also on Lily's snow bucket list so we were glad we didn't have to do the work. I think she was slightly underwhelmed by it in the end. You know, in cartoons it is much roomier inside these things. Lily is part penguin and has declared she prefers the mountains and snow to the beach! She is obviously not my child.
 The view from the balcony. If only we could get snowed in for another few days.
 Unfortunately we had to make to long torturous drive home filled with, "Are we there yet?" and "I don't know what to do now."

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Frozen has been cold here in LosAngeles! Ha! Try the opposite of that. We seem to have skipped Winter this year. To make up for it we have become obsessed with the movie Frozen. The girls saw it over Thanksgiving break and we have been listening to the soundtrack. Both girls love to re-enact the movie. Lily is the older sister, Elsa, of course and Gemma is the younger sister Anna.
 To add to the fun of playing Frozen I made the girls some costumes this weekend. I found a tutorial online and it was pretty easy. They are better quality and ended up being much cheaper than buying the costumes. Lily loves hers and would like to live in it. Gemma is not sold, even though she begged for the Anna costume at the Disney store. She generally likes to be contrary so we will see if she ends up wearing it on her terms.
 This is pretty much what we spend our free time doing. Alex and I have been waking up every morning with the movie songs stuck in our heads. I wonder why?

Beauty Treatment

At the ripe old age of 3 1/2 Gemma has only ever had a tiny trim of her hair by Mom. It still has a mind of it's own and needed another trim and style.
This is how her hair looks on any given day. Wild. She has started repeating us and calling it a "rats nest."Mostly she doesn't want us to comb it and says she wants to leave it a rats nest.
She got up in the big booster chair with her stylist.
She was such a good girl and loved all the fuss and attention. Yes, I took her to super cuts.
The finished product! They took off some of the length to even it out and added a few layers.
She won't let us put clips or bows in, of we do she just rips them out. I have been able to braid the back a few times if I tell her they are Anna braids from the movie Frozen.
The front has not really ever grown so she doesn't have much up there. The back is nice and tidy now.
She got a certificate that says "Baby's first hair cut" and a lock of hair to keep! Maybe by the time she starts Kindergarten it will be all grown in. 

HEART of our Eagle

In the last post about Lily's new school you saw they give out heart stickers to the kids who show behavior that is like the "heart of an Eagle." The school mascot is an Eagle. 

H – have courage to do what is right. 
E – each person is responsible for their actions and words. 
A – achieve your personal best – don’t settle for less! 
R – respect yourself, your peers, and authority. 
T – take time to be friendly, giving, and caring.

They also have assembly's throughout the school year where they give out awards to students from each class that have displayed a character trait for that month's value.  
We received a letter in the mail a couple of weeks into January that said Lily would be receiving a student of the month award at the upcoming assembly based on the "R" in heart. 

Lily did not know about the award but she did ask why I was bringing my camera bag to school that morning. I guess I have to be sneakier in the future.
The girl scout troop opened the assembly with the pledge and a song. They just had a winter art gallery so that is why the MPR is decorated with snow flakes. 
They start with the Kindy classes so Lily was one of the first called up. She was so excited.
She is getting used to being in the spotlight already.
Her award and a certificate for a free meal at Islands. She also got a pencil case with the school logo.
Watch out class!! The new girl has arrived and she is a winner!