Sunday, February 2, 2014

Beauty Treatment

At the ripe old age of 3 1/2 Gemma has only ever had a tiny trim of her hair by Mom. It still has a mind of it's own and needed another trim and style.
This is how her hair looks on any given day. Wild. She has started repeating us and calling it a "rats nest."Mostly she doesn't want us to comb it and says she wants to leave it a rats nest.
She got up in the big booster chair with her stylist.
She was such a good girl and loved all the fuss and attention. Yes, I took her to super cuts.
The finished product! They took off some of the length to even it out and added a few layers.
She won't let us put clips or bows in, of we do she just rips them out. I have been able to braid the back a few times if I tell her they are Anna braids from the movie Frozen.
The front has not really ever grown so she doesn't have much up there. The back is nice and tidy now.
She got a certificate that says "Baby's first hair cut" and a lock of hair to keep! Maybe by the time she starts Kindergarten it will be all grown in. 

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