Sunday, February 2, 2014

Frozen has been cold here in LosAngeles! Ha! Try the opposite of that. We seem to have skipped Winter this year. To make up for it we have become obsessed with the movie Frozen. The girls saw it over Thanksgiving break and we have been listening to the soundtrack. Both girls love to re-enact the movie. Lily is the older sister, Elsa, of course and Gemma is the younger sister Anna.
 To add to the fun of playing Frozen I made the girls some costumes this weekend. I found a tutorial online and it was pretty easy. They are better quality and ended up being much cheaper than buying the costumes. Lily loves hers and would like to live in it. Gemma is not sold, even though she begged for the Anna costume at the Disney store. She generally likes to be contrary so we will see if she ends up wearing it on her terms.
 This is pretty much what we spend our free time doing. Alex and I have been waking up every morning with the movie songs stuck in our heads. I wonder why?

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