Sunday, February 2, 2014

HEART of our Eagle

In the last post about Lily's new school you saw they give out heart stickers to the kids who show behavior that is like the "heart of an Eagle." The school mascot is an Eagle. 

H – have courage to do what is right. 
E – each person is responsible for their actions and words. 
A – achieve your personal best – don’t settle for less! 
R – respect yourself, your peers, and authority. 
T – take time to be friendly, giving, and caring.

They also have assembly's throughout the school year where they give out awards to students from each class that have displayed a character trait for that month's value.  
We received a letter in the mail a couple of weeks into January that said Lily would be receiving a student of the month award at the upcoming assembly based on the "R" in heart. 

Lily did not know about the award but she did ask why I was bringing my camera bag to school that morning. I guess I have to be sneakier in the future.
The girl scout troop opened the assembly with the pledge and a song. They just had a winter art gallery so that is why the MPR is decorated with snow flakes. 
They start with the Kindy classes so Lily was one of the first called up. She was so excited.
She is getting used to being in the spotlight already.
Her award and a certificate for a free meal at Islands. She also got a pencil case with the school logo.
Watch out class!! The new girl has arrived and she is a winner!

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