Friday, March 28, 2014

Go cousins go!

The big cousins came down from Portland for Spring break this past week. Boy did we all have a good time. It was so bitter sweet because it made it all that much harder to let them go!

We spent one afternoon at the park together. We started at the beach but it was cold. No, really it was. I know people don't think the beach here could ever be cold. The park was lovely and everyone had a great time, even in jail!
My girls felt the need to wear their swimsuits even though we didn't end up at the beach.
Ben had so much fun. He can hang with all the big kids and keep up!
There was a lot of Elsa and Anna being chased by Prince Hans (Owen).
Prince Hans always managed to catch the princesses.
Those Portland cousins are the best. They played so well with the little ones and I think they even had some fun themselves!
Aw we miss you guys so much. Can we play again next week? Lily and Gemma had so many tears when the big cousins left.

Spring time Gemma

Gemma's preschool had their spring photos taken and this awesome Mom totally forgot that day. Good thing she was wearing something half way decent and we managed to comb her hair (aka the rats nest) that morning. 
 The photographer is fantastically talented and always captures the best photos.
 The down side of this is you end up spending all kinds of cash for the precious photos.
 The photographer actually threw in this photo for free because she just adored it. It says a LOT about Gemma's personality really. She is not about to do anything she doesn't want to do. That's our girl
Here is the class photo. So sweet and I can already see myself looking back at this post in 10 years with tears in my eyes wondering where the time went and how my baby grew up.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Hip Hop Hooray

Lily took a hip hop dance class at school early in the year. We thought it might sweeten the pot in her switching to the new school. She attended once a week after school for an hour. At the end of the 8 week session they held a little performance for the parents.
 It was pretty cute, and really funny.  I might add that my stylish daughter is the only one who remembered to bring clothes to wear so she wasn't in her school uniform with her dance shirt! Bam for hot pink leggings!
Her teacher was really cool...and really hip.
Class huddle between sets.
Then it was time to group together and pose for a photo. One serious...
and one gangsta!
I can't say Lily is going to make a career in hip hop dance but she had a good time. She seems to think ballet would be a good idea next.