Sunday, April 27, 2014

Kinder chorus festival

When Lily started her school in January we signed her up for the Kinderchorus program. It is after school one day a week and taught by the music teacher, Mr. LaGuardia. We heard so many great things about the chorus program at her school. The held their first performance of the spring this Friday evening. 
 Some of her biggest fans were in attendance. Gemma was fashioning Grandpa Lee's snazzy binoculars. The concert was held at the civic arts plaza to a sold out audience!
 We got the best seats in the house. Ben is a gentle giant and his hugs resemble more of a tackle!
The festival lasts all week and involves all the schools in Conejo Valley. Luckily Lily only had to perform one night. 
The Elementary schools performed four songs. 
"Sing out a joyful song" "Cantate Deo" "Wade in the water" and the finale with all the schools.
It was a challenge in the sea of faces to find her and get the camera to catch a shot of her face.She is in the center of this shot next to a taller boy.  About the third row up from the bottom.
 Mr. LaGuardia did an amazing job conducting all the students. The performance ended up lasting 2 hours!!!
 The seats in front of us we reserved for the students. After they performed three songs they were able to sit down and watch the middle school and high school students perform.
The middle school where Lily and Gemma will attend performed a wonderful medley of 1940's music and dance. It was great, they looked like professionals!
 The high school performed a jazz ensemble and the girls were instantly sold on the beautiful blue sparkly dresses.
The finale was Beethoven's  "9th Symphony" sung by all the students, in German. It was really outstanding and Grandpa Lee was blown away. He was so excited when he heard they were performing that song and he says now he can cross that off his bucket list. 
Lily was wrecked after the show and we rushed the girls straight home to bed. It was a long day with a two hour rehearsal in the afternoon right before the performance as well. Those little Kindergarteners did so well. They have one more concert this year at her school, we can't wait. 

Lily's Spring portraits

You would think we would have learned by now to expect to be suckered every spring when school portraits are taken. We try to be strong and not buy them all but they are so dang cute! The same photographer that does the pre-school does Lily's school spring portraits as well. They are taken outside on the play ground. She does such an amazing job!
 Look at the Kindergarten cuteness. There is already such a change from the beginning of the year. We were pleased they use spring pictures for the year book so Lily won't miss out being in the year book since she started her new school in January.
 She is desperate to lose a tooth but I fear it is not going to happen until first grade. Lily didn't get any teeth as a baby until 15 month old so they are in no hurry to fall out. At least one of my kids still has all her teeth for pictures.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter 2014

Here comes Lily cotton tail. Hopping on her bunny trail! On Saturday we attended Goppy's church for their Easter egg hunt. We came last year and the girls have talked about it all year since. They start with a brief chapel service then divide the kids up by age.
Then it is the count down and....Go! Get as many eggs and candy treats as you can!
They wasted no time tucking in to the treats. The eggs had little toys, tattoo's and rings. There were some candies and treats to find as well.
Lily got a haul. She is brave and there were not too many kids in her group.
Gemma didn't fair so well, but they shared and there was a rice crispy treat for each! Winner, winner.
The Easter bunny was here. He looked thrilled to be spending the day before Easter hanging out in the hot sun. Shouldn't he be checking the eggs and baskets for the mornings delivery?
They had cookie decorating, which we were pro's at.
The highlight was the bouncy slide.
Usually they are over run by bigger kids but it was mostly young school age or smaller so these two played over and over.
After Saturday's preview at church the girls were so eager for the real deal on Eastern morning. Lily woke first and got Gemma up. They searched the house over but found no baskets. They had to wake us to enlist some help. Tricky bunny this year. Gemma found her basket behind Daddy's cutter machine (shredder).
Lily found her's hanging on her hook by the garage. It was hidden behind Dad's jumper.
Gemma got the much anticipated Tinker bell movie.
Lily got a new math dice game. They each got some new books and a chocolate bunny of course.
Gemma busted out her Berenstain bears book right away. She is into those bears in a big way.
Once we inspected the loot and ate some breakfast we got all pretty for church.
Everyone did so well in church and it was a beautiful service. Then we headed to Uncle E and Auntie Rach's for some more fun. More egg hunt and more goodies!
Lily is a pro and I think Gemma and Ben could take some pointers.
Gemma is hesitant and wants you to come with her and hold her hand the whole time.
There were some tricky hiding eggs.
There were even a few baskets hidden in the garden! Sneaky Goppy bunny.
Everyone got so many great goodies and a ton of eggs.
Gemma was pretty pleased with her jelly beans.
Ben's technique was to stop after each egg. Open it, and eat it's contents. He, also is a fan of jelly beans.
Lots, and lots, of jelly beans.
It wasn't all candy and treats. We had a delicious lunch made by Rach and by the end of the day we managed to crawl home and watch the new Tinker Bell movie. After the movie they got a second wind and managed to goof off some more.
This was one fun weekend.
Time to get all scrubbed up, some people have school in the morning.

Wild for Spring break

This year the girls spring break did not fall on the same week. Really, all this means is that I don't get any break for two weeks. This stinks! So while Lily was off school for last week, we put the "stay" in stay-cation. It was pretty lame I have to say but we did our best to keep busy and have a little fun. We started off with a bang, coloring easter eggs!
Both girls did really well this year. I can see how in the next few years this is going to be more and more fun for them both.
Gemma did a really good job, and Lily could have done two dozen eggs herself. She loves to craft.
Crazy eyes over here was proud of her results.
As much as they loved coloring the eggs when I served the product for lunch the next day they refused!
Here is the dozen beauties that Alex and I are slowly making our way through.
There was no lack of supplies for decorating the eggs once dry. We actually had about five different kits left over from previous years.
Our little chorus. You could almost play a bowling game with these cuties.
We were so lucky to have amazing weather on our break. We have pretty great weather year round but I have to say, Spring takes the cake in my book. I also got the girls new spring swim suits. There is NOTHING cuter than these girls in their swim suits.
I made a recipe for home made side walk paint. It is just corn starch, water, and food coloring.
The girls helped me make it, chose the colors, and had a ball painting.
Not bad for a free activity. Kept them busy for about 30 minutes.
Then we gotta go, go, go!
Gemma is a wild woman on this scooter. She has no fear and loves speed. Oh and no shoes or helmet in the back yard. Yikes!
Lily has out grown her bike but her lazy parents haven't gotten a bigger one without training wheels. Whoops!
We spent a lot of our week with this guy! Grandpa Lee and his new wheels! We took him to costco to get supplies for his easter church lunch and he treated us all to a hot dog. Who said we didn't have any fun?
 We did make easter shape cookies and decorated them. Lily is getting very good at this and likes to make it nice and neat.
 This little fire cracker likes to pile on the frosting, mountains of sprinkles, and lots of finger licking in between. Gotta love her!
 Not too bad for an end result. Don't worry, all finger licking cookies were set aside and not fed to company.
 On Friday of break we treated ourselves and went to the indoor play place. These girls (and their friend Makayla) played for hours and hours.
 We refueled with lunch before a couple more hours of playing. Everyone slept well that night. All geared up for Easter weekend.
It looks like a lot of fun and excitement in pictures!