Sunday, April 27, 2014

Kinder chorus festival

When Lily started her school in January we signed her up for the Kinderchorus program. It is after school one day a week and taught by the music teacher, Mr. LaGuardia. We heard so many great things about the chorus program at her school. The held their first performance of the spring this Friday evening. 
 Some of her biggest fans were in attendance. Gemma was fashioning Grandpa Lee's snazzy binoculars. The concert was held at the civic arts plaza to a sold out audience!
 We got the best seats in the house. Ben is a gentle giant and his hugs resemble more of a tackle!
The festival lasts all week and involves all the schools in Conejo Valley. Luckily Lily only had to perform one night. 
The Elementary schools performed four songs. 
"Sing out a joyful song" "Cantate Deo" "Wade in the water" and the finale with all the schools.
It was a challenge in the sea of faces to find her and get the camera to catch a shot of her face.She is in the center of this shot next to a taller boy.  About the third row up from the bottom.
 Mr. LaGuardia did an amazing job conducting all the students. The performance ended up lasting 2 hours!!!
 The seats in front of us we reserved for the students. After they performed three songs they were able to sit down and watch the middle school and high school students perform.
The middle school where Lily and Gemma will attend performed a wonderful medley of 1940's music and dance. It was great, they looked like professionals!
 The high school performed a jazz ensemble and the girls were instantly sold on the beautiful blue sparkly dresses.
The finale was Beethoven's  "9th Symphony" sung by all the students, in German. It was really outstanding and Grandpa Lee was blown away. He was so excited when he heard they were performing that song and he says now he can cross that off his bucket list. 
Lily was wrecked after the show and we rushed the girls straight home to bed. It was a long day with a two hour rehearsal in the afternoon right before the performance as well. Those little Kindergarteners did so well. They have one more concert this year at her school, we can't wait. 

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  1. Kinder chorus super neat. wow . and off topic but where does one purchase rhubarb syrup?