Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Mothers Day and more

We celebrated Mother's day this year with brunch at our house. The bummer about going out for Mother's day is crowds and poor service. We have no crowds at our house, the service, however, I cannot comment on. ;)
I woke to hand made cards and a spa certificate. All a mom could ask for really!
 Oh, and a HUGE bouquet of flowers.
 I made all the Moms (including myself, ha) a flower pot with pictures of their kids and a succulent plant.
 The table decorations were hand made by Lily and Gemma. They included a special party hat for each mom. We had delicious food, including chocolate covered strawberries.
It wouldn't be a celebration without a signature cocktail,  rhubarb fizz. Prosecco and rhubarb syrup. All I can say is I should have bought more prosecco!
The girls were ready to dig in before any of the guests arrived.
Of course once everyone arrived, we forgot to take pictures. After brunch we spent the afternoon outside in the lovely weather.
 Grandpa Lee arrived after his church and joined us for a bit.
 After Eric, Rach and Benji left and Grandpa Lee went to take a nap, the ladies sat down to watch Frozen together.
 At least I managed to get one photo with my lovely girls!
 The following week was Lily's spring chorus concert at school. It was just the Kindergarden chorus.
They sang several songs from the conejo valley concert and some other favorites. I have never seen such a bunch wiggle worms on stage before. Mr. La Guardia is a saint for leading these kids every week at rehearsals!! 
There were hand motions to most songs and they did a great job despite the wiggles and it being bed time.
 Next year is junior chorus and it will be fun to see the change (or maybe lack of change) in the kids!


  1. I want a copy of the pic of you and the girls. it's beautiful!

  2. I want a copy of the pic of you and the girls. it is beautiful!