Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Fathers Day Weekend 2014

We have been planning a special Fathers day weekend trip to Downtown LA for a while now. We weren't sure it was going to happen because my dad was in the hospital a couple of weeks before with pneumonia and blood clots in his lungs. He had recovered well enough to make the trip and there is no time like the present. The girls were so thrilled to be staying in a hotel. We rarely stay in hotels so it is a big treat. They snuggled right up as soon as we arrived on Friday night. We booked adjoining rooms at the Biltmore. Go big or go home right?
 The lobby is so beautiful and the entire hotel is so historic. Did you know they used to host the academy awards here? There were lots of events happening that weekend so the lobby was always full of beautiful people, but no star spottings.
Saturday morning we were joined by Eric, Rach and Ben. We packed everyone up and headed to Olivera Street. It is always so fun and there is so much for the kids to enjoy. The best part about coming early is you can actually walk down the aisles without crowds. The girls favorite part was shopping for little cheapie toys. Of course.
We did force some culture in at a visit to the first home in LosAngeles.
 It is actually really cool and informational. It's like hispanic little house on the prairie.
 Pretty much the kids just run around and climb on everything.
 Ben is really good at running and climbing. He even sits once in a while.
 I think he prefers swimming most of all.
 This beautiful cross is at the end of the street and always attracts the little ones.
 We managed to escape without any injuries.
 By that point we were all ready for some good Mexican food.
We found a great restaurant right on the row with patio seating. Ben was a huge fan of the salsa. He was practically drinking the stuff.
 Until he got a chunk of jalapeno.
 Someone was happy with her purchase.
 The live music was really great too. So much ambience.
 After our lunch we headed back to the hotel for siesta time. Ben and Grandpa had naps while the boys took the girls swimming in the hotel pool. After Ben's nap we headed out walking around downtown and managed a break from the heat at Bottega Louis for pastries.
While Alex and Eric found a bar to watch England lose their first game of the world cup. Whomp, whomp.
Then it was time for round two in the pool with Ben this time. It was in the basement of the hotel and was very much like a Roman bath. The girls loved it and it was really nice not to have to deal with sunscreen.
After that long afternoon we rallied Grandpa and headed for dinner at Philippe's, home of the world famous french dip. Dad has always had a soft spot for this place and it was quick and casual. Just what this tired bunch needed. After dinner the ladies went back to the hotel to put the kiddies to bed and the men went in search of an after dinner drink...or two.
We had a great sleep over and the kids loved playing together in the hotel. 
 When we all woke it was fathers day so we treated the dads to a hotel picnic and a starbucks coffee. Ha!
Before check out we managed one huge family "selfie" in the hotel elevator. We headed off to dad's church for fathers day service and lunch. It was a busy weekend and lots of fun.

This is a cute little video from lunch at Olivera street.

And here is a funny slow motion one of Lily in the pool.

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