Friday, June 20, 2014

School's out for summer

Gemma's school had an end of year carnival for all students the first week of June. It is always a lot of fun with live music, crafts, activities and a pizza party. She remembered the carnival from last year when Lily went here. She knew to head for the face painting booth first. Then we found the spray painting station. Practicing for her misguided teen years.
There was spin art which was a ton of fun. The stations were all manned by the eighth graders.
This is the water pump for the stream that leads into the sand pit. It was a warm day and the kids all had fun paddling around barefoot in the wet sand.
 There is my happy butterfly. The face paint is done by eighth graders too.
 Lily had one more week of school left. On her last day they had a Kindergarten picnic for all the families to attend. This is Lily's wonderful teacher Mrs. Gavin. Lily wants to stay in Kindergarten with Mrs, Gavin instead of moving on to 1st grade.
 The kids performed the song, "lean on me" complete with hand motions. It was very sweet.
 They took it very seriously. Well, at least the girls did.
 "when your not strong...I'll be your friend"
Then it was time for pizza potluck. The food was great. This is Gemma's usual crabby face.
 It was packed with all three Kindergarten classes and their families.
Lily collected her school work and art from the classroom and had her yearbook signed by all her friends. This is her kindergarten bestie Sabina. Such a sweet girl. We hope to have lots of fun this summer and next year it's on to first grade for Lily and the preschool fours class for Gemma.

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  1. I love the kissy butterfly face. I need a copy of that one for my fridge!