Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Independence Day

Since the fourth of July fell on a Friday this year we decided to get out of town for the weekend. Alex took Thursday off work and after swim lessons we drove up to Carpinteria. We haven't been to the beach combo since Granny left in March! Now that's a crime. It was all ready for us to soak up the sun. We wasted no time getting settled and into the wagon for a trip through town.
This little sunshine got a new hat for summer. I think it really suits her.
Little Miss Grouch face. She couldn't be pouty, we stopped for ice cream in town on the way to the playground.
Then the train passed by which is one of the highlights of the playground. The girls always mention they took that train to the zoo one time with Grandma Nini and Grandpa Dan.
Enough playground, it's high time we get to the beach. Would you like a little sand with your swimsuit?
Gemma is just tutu cute! She wore this suit for practically three days straight when she got it and now I have to bribe her to wear it. Crazy girl!
After a couple hours at the beach we worked up an appetite. After a quick bath and change of clothes we headed to our fave spot. Padaro Grill. 
They even had live music, kids from a local school of rock. They were pretty good and all the kids had fun running and dancing on the grass.
This video of the girls dancing just cracks me up.

Friday the 4th we were up bright and early to head to nearby Ojai for their parade. It is adorable and never disappoints.
We have the whole routine down now. Where to park, walk, and sit in the shade. We had to kill about 30 minutes before the parade started but there was plenty to watch and breakfast to eat.
One nice lady in the parade gave the girls flags since mommy failed to bring anything even though we own buckets of fourth of July supplies.
Then the cutesy parade began. It is full of little kids, gymnasts, schools, and marching bands.
Lots and lots of Mexican dancing horse groups. They are awesome but also freak me out. No surprise there, I have a thing about horses and "dancing" ones right in front of my kids can be added to the list.
We wore our appropriate colors. Even Gemma, who is averse to wearing anything I want her to, ever.
One of my favorite groups was the bucket drum band. One lady played a watering can, another a tupperware bowl. Why not really?
The Hare Krishna's are always a big hit. Ojai is still pretty hippie dippy.
The best of all was a group of older ladies who work at the local florist and followed a cart of roses singing the ever popular "Happy" song. Once was on rollerblades and they all had the dance moves choreographed. I wanted to hop up and join in!
After the parade we made our way back to Carp to hit the beach again. We knew the beach would be crowded so we loaded up our beach gear and walked down. The girls have it made. A free ride and an ice cream sandwich.
It was super packed but a great day.
Nothing better than junk food on the beach.
My girls love to play in the waves and scream, scream scream.
As if we didn't have enough beach time already we went to a favorite nearby beach Sat AM for a peaceful walk with the dog. Now this is the way I prefer the beaches to be, empty. It was actually crowded over by the parking area but we went on a long walk by the rich rich houses.
We did some sea glass hunting, and found a good bit.
See Granny? We found you some!
The "crunchy" sand is perfect for jumping.
We found a deserted surf board that was begging to be posed on.
Let's go surfin' now! Until a cute 10 year old boy informed me it was his board and I thought, well that's ok, this girl will be your girlfriend in a few years and then you will have to share anyway.
 That's ok. We can pose on this old stump too. Thing one,
Thing two. Actually, it's the other way around.
Then we have to jump too.
I found my house. Now we just need to save about 6.3 million dollars. At least.
As if we didn't have enough sun and water we headed back to the condo for a dip in the pool. We are setting a personal record having swum every day for probably the past three weeks. Fair to say everyone was wiped out after this weekend!
Time to head back home to shake the sand off and take Grandpa Lee to church on Sunday. 

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