Sunday, August 24, 2014

Mom camp 2014

Every summer starts with high hopes and expectations of all the fun we are going to have. We usually make a "summer fun list" to help make sure we cover all the activities we want to do and give us inspiration for days when we are feeling, gasp...bored! Many of the local kids spend much of the summer in day camps. While perhaps some day our girls will participate, for now they are stuck in...Mom Camp!

One thing we do every summer (and during the school year) is swim lessons. Both girls are becoming really good swimmers and while it is a fun activity to keep cool, for us it is also a safety issue to become proficient enough to spend our summer days in Goppy's pool.

Lily was an otter this summer and Gemma a seal. They both passed their level with flying colors. They were both also the youngest and smallest in their class which was really funny when lined up out of the pool.
We did other really FUN things like wash Granny and Grampy's car in our driveway. You don't get this at day camp folks.
We only made it to the summer movie series once. They show older kids movies for free in the morning at local cinemas. We also made sure to have lots of play dates with friends too.
The majority of our summer time was spent right here.
The girls go through at least two swim suits each during summer. We really put them through the test.
We did a really fun activity with one of Lily's school friends, we went to the farm to berry pick. Looks like they are ready for Halloween year round.
The troops making their way through the strawberry patch. It was actually muddy down the rows and you would have thought it was hot lava by the way the girls reacted. Lily, Sabina (her Kindy best friend) Gemma and Ravelle, Sabina's younger sister who is Gemma's age = double besties.
Ahhhh, natures candy.
We also picked (and ate) blackberries and raspberries. There were a lot of bees on those bushes and the panic patrol was less than amused. They ate their fill and made their way to the play area.
We also had a visit from our great friends Kimi and Miranda. They came over and took us for pedicures! It was Gemma's first time and she loved it.
Lily and Miranda could get used to this spa treatment. They told us all about their trip to Yosemite and we are ready to go ourselves!
We made the most of all the summer produce, strawberry pie of course. Gemma is my kitchen assistant, she always grabs the step stool and helps me out.
We also went to the hot air balloon festival in Santa Paula again.
This year we went on Friday night and it wasn't as packed as Saturday.

I definitely think this could become an annual tradition.

Lily was super crabby because they had the old goldfish and ping pong ball carnival game and she is obsessed with fish this summer. Like, checking out every book in the library about fish and talking about aquarium's obsessed. She wanted to win a goldfish in a bag, only with all her research she knew she would need a tank and all the equipment.
The girls also attended the birthday party of one of their best sister friends, Ravelle. It was at the fancy tea room.
All the girls get hair, make up (eye shadow) and nail polish. They pick out a fancy dress and shoes to wear.
After several wardrobe changes Gemma finally settled on the cheer leader dress. 
Then the girls do a runway show and pose on stage.
This is the best part, strutting their stuff.
Lily and Sabina.
Sister Loves. These two really do get along 87% of the time.
After the show they all sit around a heart shaped table for pink lemonade tea and finger foods, followed by a plate of sugar. I'm not exaggerating and they love it of course.
See we did put the "camp" in camp. We didn't even leave our back yard. It started as a virtual birthday sleep over with cousin Charlie who was having her 10th birthday party in Oregon as a camp out sleep over in their yard. 
We kept our cool by doing this at the park in Simi.
This past weekend we headed to the mall do do a little looking (are we the only people in America who left the mall without a buying anything?) We just so happen to be "looking" at the pet store (NO we are not getting another pet, I told you we were just looking) and saw a sign that Macy's was having a back to school event with a couple of special guests.
They were no Disney style princesses let me tell you but they were good, and free, and we were in and out in less than 30 minutes so I call that a win.

We have literally a couple days left before Lily starts 1st grade and Gemma has a week until she joins the fours class at preschool. While we are all mourning the loss of  summer break it will be good to get into a routine again. Lily met her new teacher at the back to school bash tonight and she was ready to start 1st grade right then and there! We're off to a good start!

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