Monday, August 25, 2014

My summer vacation by Lily Davis

Alex took the girls to England this summer for two weeks to visit Granny and Grampy. We had originally planned to all go and my father was to join us but since he was diagnosed with cancer in February our plans changed. I stayed home to help keep an eye on Dad and Alex got to fly 11 hours with the girls by himself, both ways! They did really well and all had a great time. The girls kept journals of their trip with the help of Granny and Grampy. This is Lily's journal and her account of the trip in her own words, I did not take the liberty to embellish her account so it is all hers. I tried to coax Gemma into narrating her trip/journal for me but she can't sit still long enough, although she never stops her chattering away.

First page, we were going on the plane. The ride was good, fun. We watched looney tunes on the TV the whole time. We slept a little bit. Then we arrived in England. We went to the Christmas shop in Lechlade the town where Granny and Grampy live. 
The next day we went to the library. We got books called dragon stew, and giddy goat. We mailed post cards at the post office. 
We went to the playground and met a chicken. We petted the chicken. On Sunday they had a party at their house. We played with our cousin Edward and did sack race, egg race, and ran in sprinklers in our nicks.
We went to the model village and bird land. Bird land was like a zoo with just birds. The model village was fairy size villages. The best bit was a bridge to get over the water between them. I got to hold an owl. We also went to lego land. I had a melt down at the gift shop. They had a splash pad called duplo valley but we didn't go there. We wanted to, but we didn't.
We flew to South Dakota of legos and had tea with the queen. We rode the spinning spider. The next day we rowed a boat down the river Thames. Daddy rowed the boat and we had to wear life jackets. We had snacks at the pub after, chips and sprite. The next day we went to the wild life park. We saw meerkats, camels, giraffes.
This is a story about penguins. Wake up penguin. Feeding time. Good night penguin. The next day we had a relax at home including a big bubbly bath. The next day we went to see the fish at the garden center. They had all kinds of cool fish. I'm kind of all about fish these days.
I got a fish story at the store. We found a kitty at the playground. We went to the boat lock. It started to shower so we stopped under a willow tree. We went to a craft shop with Granny and I made a paper mache kitty.
While on vacation I got my first wiggly tooth. We went to the big oasis swimming pool. They had slides and a wave machine. The roof was so dirty with muck. The next day we saw Granny and Grampy's old house and had a pub lunch. I had meatballs and chips.
We went to visit Granny and Grampy's friends and we got to go to the circus. They had spotted ponies. One guy was going to throw knives at another guys balloons but it was safe. They had old campervans there. It was all very funny. The last day we went to the Christmas shop. We went maybe three or four times.
The best bit about our trip was the Christmas shop.

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