Saturday, August 2, 2014

Pool party cousins weekend

Our Portland Peeps came down the weekend after July 4th so we had a non stop pool party! I think we set a record for most hours spent in a pool in three days.
Owen took Gemma for a ride.
Then she took him for a ride.
We even managed to get Grandpa Lee outside and in his trunks. He hadn't been feeling too well after his chemo and radiation rounds. He made not have made it in the water but he enjoyed watching all the kids splash around.
Charlie was the mermaid for the weekend.
Even Ben is getting brave like his cousins.
On Saturday we had all Dad's friends over for a BBQ. Tony's youngest son Leland is so adorable. He and Ben had a fun time goofing around together.
It was hot out so almost everyone got to dip in the pool. Goppy loves the pool with her babies.
Risky move squirting the bigger kids Ben.
Even Aunt Penny came for a splash.
We had tons of fun and food. Dad's church friends had a great time too.
Sira makes a mean flan and she brought a huge tray that didn't last long.
Isabella had to rescue Lily from Tony Jr who was cracking us all up with his wild imagination.
The littles were behind the fence for safety and didn't appreciate that one bit!! They spent most of the afternoon eating ice out of the cooler and feeding it to each other.

We had such a fun time and by the end of the weekend everyone was wiped out!

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