Thursday, September 25, 2014

Gemma's Frozen Fourth

It was inevitable one girl was going to request a Frozen theme birthday this year. I am surprised it wasn't Lily in June. It was an easy party to organize. I pulled out all my Christmas decorations and we decorated Goppy's living room. We figured since she had A/C and it was 102 degrees the week before it wouldn't be anywhere near frozen at our house.
The mantle held all the snowflakes and a few good movie quotes in frames.
The show stopper was the cake. Gemma and I pored the internet and she was very specific about the cake design. It is pretty much what sold her on the frozen party.
The ice crystals we partly home made and some rock candy sticks. The stair case led up to Elsa's palace.
From the moment guests arrived it was obvious Gemma would not be able to wait to open gifts. Side note: Alex is holding tiny cousin Gwyneth and I didn't even get a proper photo of her to make the blog debut. Maybe we will have to give her a post of her own soon!
Since it was a frozen party, the gifts were pretty much all frozen gear! Giant Olaf has been Gemma's constant companion since that night.
Ben made off with some loot while the girls weren't looking.
The highly desired Elsa costume so now Gemma can fulfill her wish of being Elsa for Halloween...along with every other girl in America.
Grandpa Lee was up and chipper for the party! He wouldn't miss Gemma's big fourth!
After gifts and dinner of chicken, macaroni and cheese (home made by Dad) salad and green was cake time!!Uncle E lit the four candles.
We all sang, and the old pro blew out her candles. Hope she made a good wish because she got every gift she could ever wish for. Although she did say to me the next day that she loved all her gifts more than a nano (grandpa just got an ipod Nano and Gemma is envious) then she says, well I do still want a nano.
The best is the next day when your sister goes to school and you get to be home and play with all your loot.
The fun didn't stop there. Gemma's actual birthday was Wednesday so of course there were a few gifts that made it to the house from us and family and friends that couldn't be at the party. Check out the brand new big girl bike! No more hand me downs!
As tradition requires, M&M pancakes for breakfast. Whoever started this tradition was not thinking ahead to school age and making pancakes before school!
The baby doll bath set even! Gemma saw this on a commercial in England and it was all they talked about after. That's pretty much why we don't have TV with commercials at our house.
Somehow the Anna and Elsa water bottle was a huge hit. I have never seen the girl consume so much water as she has since that arrived.
Her birthday was spent breaking in her new bike, gymnastics class, swim lessons, and dinner at a restaurant which to these girls is a huge deal! 
It was a great birthday sweet Gemma Grace. Here's to four years of fun and a whole lot more. Let's hope there will just be a little more sleep and a few less tantrums in your future.

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