Thursday, September 25, 2014

Labor it up, at the beach

Labor Day weekend we met up with cousin Benji boo at the beach. They were in Carpinteria for the weekend and we didn't need any convincing to crash their party, or join them for a day at the beach.
We're pretty good at beach going these days. Besides the mass amount of gear we bring along, it is pretty much a guaranteed good time!
The girls really like to boogie board, or surf as they call it.
Ben was more interested in the sand sculpture.
They dug a big hole near the shore, only to watch it get washed away.
Taking it all in, with their toes.
This little guy enjoyed smashing castles more than building them, much to Lily's dismay. She had to have a castle guard standing by at all times.
This is the only way to get these two to sit still. Even burying couldn't hold them.
After our beach day, we cooled off with a rinse in the condo pool and then all went to our fave spot for dinner. It was a great way to enjoy the last bits of summer. 

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