Saturday, November 8, 2014

No Tricks All Treats

The much anticipated halloween night had finally arrived. Eric and Rach hosted again since they live in the happening neighborhood. They went pirate this year with Ben leading the "yo ho ho" chant. Rach was the pirate mommy with her little parrot baby. Eric should have been captain hook but it would require a long wig and that wasn't happening.
We were a mish mash collection. I was Mary Poppins, with my dashing prince, Super Gonzo and our little Elsa and Fairy. My costume was missing the classic umbrella and carpet bag apparently. Alex's costume was a party store find in the clearance section and once the girls got sight of it they insisted he wear it. What a super dad.
The Provencher fam had two little Monsters Inc and a barnyard piggy and chicken.
The cousins had so much fun running around the house and yard before the party it's a miracle they had energy left to trick or treat.
We had to fuel up with some food and wine before making the rounds in the neighborhood.
Then it was finally time. I think we made it to 6pm and we were ready to go. This is the best we could do with all our little trick or treaters and a few chaperones.
The excitement was palpable. The little ones could finally walk to the doors this year (mostly) and the girls practically ran from house to house.
There were tons of trick or treaters out so you could check out everyone's costumes as you go around.
Of course many of the houses get really spooky.
The main creepy spook house had a new "creepy baby" section. It was super gross.
I think we could do without zombie babies.
Gemma had already claimed her position in the wagon. Peak too soon and your too tired to get the candy.
We made it down and back the main drag and then decided it was time to return eat. The best part is digging through the loot and trying a couple of pieces.
It was another successful halloween and the girls are already plotting their costumes for next year.

Halloween Parade

Both girls schools have Halloween parades and it is so fun to see all the kids in costume. Gemma attends preschool on Tuesday/ Thursday mornings so her parade was on Thursday the 30th. It was nice not to have to dash from school to school this year. The kids who attend preschool 5 days a week get two parades but whoever complained about too many costume parties?
There were some really cute costumes, and some that we had no idea what they were supposed to be. It seemed the boys went super hero and the girls went princess/fairy.
There were three Elsa's and Gemma marched next to one.
The teachers all dressed in baseball jerseys.
My Elsa was the cutest, of course.
After they paraded around the school parking lot they lined up and sang a few songs. It was really adorable of course.
Then the parents waved good bye and the kids carried on to trick or treat up at the church office. They then returned to their classroom for a snack time halloween party. I heard there was bat and pumpkin shaped goodies.

Lily's school parade was on Friday the 31st. Parents are invited to stay on campus after drop off and are then corralled on the black top to wait 30 minutes for the parade to swoop by.
The older kids get creative with their costumes. Ghostbusters was cute.
Pippi Longstocking.
Some sort of army chicken? Was there a deeper political meaning to this or just a throw on what I have at home situation?
Instead of three blind mice we have three spooky skeletons.
Then came Lily's class. She had her fast flying purple fairy in full effect.
It was even a cool drizzly morning so it almost felt like real Fall, almost.
Some costumes were obviously more elaborate than others. I have so say I think I prefer the home made ideas to the costume store choices. I think this one was a ghost /angel/witch?
Even the teachers dress up, you have to give them credit. The three first grade teachers were the three little pigs.
It was a good warm up for the trick or treating festivities that night.

Saturday, November 1, 2014


The beginning of October felt a lot like....August. It was triple digits on the first day. We finally busted out the plastic pool. It was refreshing but the girls have reached the point the thrill of it only lasts about 5 minutes and then I end up watering the garden with the water. 
We were feeling pretty sick of the heat, especially with no A/C at home. By October our resolve wears thin and we are just crabby in the heat so we headed to the beach. Gemma wanted to giver her new bike a good spin. Ventura has a great paved beach walk.
We walked to the end of the pier, fueled by juice boxes and cheeze-its.
Then the girls cooled off in the waves before they got in trouble for going out too far and not listening and had to be carried off the beach in tears.
To get into the "Fall" mood we went to the pumpkin patch with Gemma's preschool. Again, it was over 90 degrees so it was hard to get in the spirit of picking pumpkins. We had a fun time never the less.
Who wouldn't love a tractor pulled hay ride?
The grow many different kinds of heirloom pumpkins. They are so pretty.
Everyone gets to take home a baby sugar pumpkin. Lily wanted the biggest one and Gemma chose a yellow/green one.
A tradition, the giant pumpkin face.
The house made of pumpkins. Wonder what the big bad wolf would have thought of this one?
See how much we've grown?
Lily's treasure.
The menagerie of silly faces.
They could have spent all day on the tractor slide. The best is when adults give it a go, it is really fast and you sort of rocket out the bottom.
We cheated this year and the girls decorated their pumpkins with potato head pieces.
They look pretty cute and since they have an aversion to the feel of pumpkin insides we didn't go to the effort of carving this year.
To get our fill of Halloween fun we took the kids and cousin Ben to Boo at the Zoo in LA. It is a special weekend event the zoo puts on. They have trick or treat stations and everyone comes in costume.
Gemma could not be convinced to wear her Elsa dress so we settled for her #1 favorite Elsa shirt (she has four varieties to choose from ) and her Elsa hat complete with long blond braid. Lily needed no convincing to wear her fairy costume. Ben wore his Thomas costume like a champ and the conductor hat too!
We pretty much ate candy after each station. Smarties were the over all favorite. I think this little guy ate about 10 packages of smarties. (American smarties are little sweet tart candies, not the chocolate drop smarties in England).
We got there when the zoo opened so it was cooler and not too crowded. Thomas and Alex had a pretty good time.
Don't worry we did see some animals too.
The vampire wasn't even in a cage. He didn't bite though.
They have a pretty good play area but it was super packed.
The reptile house was fun, if you like snakes and slimy creatures.
I'd say it was an over-all success.
October was a happening month for Lily. She got a heart of an eagle award at school.
Gemma wrapped up her gymnastics class at the park and rec dept. She really enjoyed it
It was all kids her age and they did floor exercises and performed their routine for the parents on the last day.
The bar was the grand finale. Gemma did great. She is very agile and has good flexibility. Her no fear policy also helps.
It was a busy month and we wrapped it up with trick or treating at Uncle E and Auntie Rach's house and the first rain fall of the entire year. October started out like summer but we're hoping now Fall has finally arrived.