Saturday, November 8, 2014

Halloween Parade

Both girls schools have Halloween parades and it is so fun to see all the kids in costume. Gemma attends preschool on Tuesday/ Thursday mornings so her parade was on Thursday the 30th. It was nice not to have to dash from school to school this year. The kids who attend preschool 5 days a week get two parades but whoever complained about too many costume parties?
There were some really cute costumes, and some that we had no idea what they were supposed to be. It seemed the boys went super hero and the girls went princess/fairy.
There were three Elsa's and Gemma marched next to one.
The teachers all dressed in baseball jerseys.
My Elsa was the cutest, of course.
After they paraded around the school parking lot they lined up and sang a few songs. It was really adorable of course.
Then the parents waved good bye and the kids carried on to trick or treat up at the church office. They then returned to their classroom for a snack time halloween party. I heard there was bat and pumpkin shaped goodies.

Lily's school parade was on Friday the 31st. Parents are invited to stay on campus after drop off and are then corralled on the black top to wait 30 minutes for the parade to swoop by.
The older kids get creative with their costumes. Ghostbusters was cute.
Pippi Longstocking.
Some sort of army chicken? Was there a deeper political meaning to this or just a throw on what I have at home situation?
Instead of three blind mice we have three spooky skeletons.
Then came Lily's class. She had her fast flying purple fairy in full effect.
It was even a cool drizzly morning so it almost felt like real Fall, almost.
Some costumes were obviously more elaborate than others. I have so say I think I prefer the home made ideas to the costume store choices. I think this one was a ghost /angel/witch?
Even the teachers dress up, you have to give them credit. The three first grade teachers were the three little pigs.
It was a good warm up for the trick or treating festivities that night.

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