Saturday, November 8, 2014

No Tricks All Treats

The much anticipated halloween night had finally arrived. Eric and Rach hosted again since they live in the happening neighborhood. They went pirate this year with Ben leading the "yo ho ho" chant. Rach was the pirate mommy with her little parrot baby. Eric should have been captain hook but it would require a long wig and that wasn't happening.
We were a mish mash collection. I was Mary Poppins, with my dashing prince, Super Gonzo and our little Elsa and Fairy. My costume was missing the classic umbrella and carpet bag apparently. Alex's costume was a party store find in the clearance section and once the girls got sight of it they insisted he wear it. What a super dad.
The Provencher fam had two little Monsters Inc and a barnyard piggy and chicken.
The cousins had so much fun running around the house and yard before the party it's a miracle they had energy left to trick or treat.
We had to fuel up with some food and wine before making the rounds in the neighborhood.
Then it was finally time. I think we made it to 6pm and we were ready to go. This is the best we could do with all our little trick or treaters and a few chaperones.
The excitement was palpable. The little ones could finally walk to the doors this year (mostly) and the girls practically ran from house to house.
There were tons of trick or treaters out so you could check out everyone's costumes as you go around.
Of course many of the houses get really spooky.
The main creepy spook house had a new "creepy baby" section. It was super gross.
I think we could do without zombie babies.
Gemma had already claimed her position in the wagon. Peak too soon and your too tired to get the candy.
We made it down and back the main drag and then decided it was time to return eat. The best part is digging through the loot and trying a couple of pieces.
It was another successful halloween and the girls are already plotting their costumes for next year.

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  1. Everyone looks great! Such a fun event. And creepy creepy babies! I can't think which is worse--if they make them or order them! Yikes!