Saturday, November 1, 2014

Ode to a first grader

Lily's school photos were taken a few weeks ago and we just got them back. The best part of ordering the digital package is all the hilarious backgrounds that come free with the order. Not that we wouldn't have purchased some of these beautiful montages anyway. There are new ones this year: 

The denim special.
The polaroid clipped into my notebook.
Then we have the good old classic blue with fade-out edges. 
For the edgy hipsters, a graffiti wall.
The black and white shadow.
The beach swirls are pretty cute.
The black and white is pretty cute, might even be my fave.
We miss the American Flag background and sparkle disco from last year. I think it adds a little fun to wonder what they will offer next year! We will be printing copies of the pics so if you have a specific request (you know you want that denim shot in jumbo size) just let me know.

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