Monday, December 22, 2014

Chorus Winter Concert

Lily enjoyed participating in Fall chorus this year which culminates in a big Holiday concert at her school and one at the mall. They sing a variety of holiday, Christmas, and Hanukkah songs. Our little performer takes her shows very seriously and does all the motions to each song.
Her cheering section included Goppy, Granny, Gems, Grampy, Dad and Mom.
Let the show begin. It was kindergarden and 1st grade. Let's just say the audience had a hard time holding back our laughter during the whole show. It was a parade of little boys interrupting the show to go to the bathroom. Once one kid got permission to go, it was all down hill from there.
Mr. LaGuardia was so enthusiastic and didn't seem to break a sweat. He manages the group of little wiggle worms with ease.
There are a lot of jazz hands involved.
They also finished off the week with a concert at the Mall for all the shoppers and families. It was really festive and fun to be outdoors. You gotta love California weather, it was probably in the 60's.
Our cheering section. Gemma is taking notes for when she is in Kinder chorus. Grandpa Lee was cozy by the fire and had a great time. He really enjoyed her show (even the Hanukkah songs) and said this is what Christmas is all about.
It was a smooth performance, they got their wiggles out at the school performance I guess. 
We earned a dinner out after the show to celebrate the beginning of Christmas break. 

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